The globe is yours for Black Travel

The globe is yours for Black Travel

International Black Travel Guides

International Black Travel Guides by Soul Of America are created from an African American perspective to enhance your journeys and avoid missteps worldwide. For additional insights, peruse our International Travel Tips too.

International Travel Guides


Since International Black Travel is a multi-faceted experience, our travel guides include major attractions, remarkable churches, notable museums, notable historic sites, popular festivals, curated photo tours, and experiential videos from Black Travelers. Some of our guides include aerial videos to give a bird’s eye view of attractions. Our larger travel guides include air, ground, and cruise transportation options, third-party hotel reviews, and Traveling While Black Tips.

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23 replies
  1. Shee says:

    I can help with information on travel to Zambia in southern africa. Has some of the most beautiful and scenic wildlife and is a very safe country. I can also help on Northern Ireland.

  2. Chester Higgins says:

    The narrative on African divinity must be reexamined. Some will love it, others will be shocked. Please share with your network book release and hope that there will be room on your gifting list for Sacred Nile this year.


  3. Joya Headley says:

    Hello! I hope all is well. My name is Joya, and I am planning a trip to Egypt in early November. I am currently looking for tours that are Black centered, and came across you all! I was wondering if you all are currently doing tours, and if so, I would love to inquire about more information. Thank you kindly and I look forward to hearing from you.

    • blue says:

      Thanks for asking, but we are publishers not tour operators. We’ll be researching for Egypt tour operators in the months ahead. BTW, plan to visit the new Cairo Museum near the pyramids.

  4. Ode Dixon says:

    We boat West Africa; Nigeria and Benin currently and will soon be adding Togo and Ghana. We showcase an African resilient and tranquil cruising course; the waters off and on West Africa’s Atlantic coast. Would love an opportunity to partner to welcome home our cruise-loving, heritage-seeking brothers and sisters visiting or returning back home to the motherland. I can be reached at

  5. Yiannis Fournaros says:

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