Parked his bike and walking Brewer Street, London

Parked his bike and walking Brewer Street, London; credit Imani Bahati


London is a must-visit for black travelers due to African and Caribbean immigrant culture, theatres, World War II heritage sites, and riverfront revival.

African and Caribbean immigrants enrich the city, including the Houses of Parliament.

Soul Of the City
Finding the soul of this metropolis takes a bit of planning to enjoy a full plate.

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With four top museums and dozens of small ones, the city is a premiere arts destination.

Slave Trade History
The history of Great Britain intertwines with the African slave trade and its global economy.

A London Weekend
Enjoy Big Ben, Parliament, Trafalgar Square, Buckingham Palace, dainty cafes, and great theatre.

Travel Tips
One sister found out that a “towel” means “feminine napkin” to Brits. So don’t get it twisted.


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