Sipping coffee at Barcelona Arc de Triomf

Sipping coffee at Barcelona Arc de Triomf; credit GaudiLab


Barcelona is a Mediterranean splash of charm without insult or favor. It drives your daily passions in ways that are memorable and you may find it as attractive as the Romans did.

Once conquered by the Romans, few cities have undergone more tumultuous changes to modernism.

3 Days in Barcelona
We highly recommend that you spend 3 or more days getting a flavor of the city’s Catalonia history and culture.

Experience the collection of diverse districts with all the conveniences of a modern Western city.

Pablo Picasso helped make the city a premiere arts destination with several must-see museums.

Barceloneta, Șanț Sebatia, Măr Bella, Bogatell, and Sant Miquel are among the city’s world-famous beaches.

Travel Tips
Most stares from Spaniards are curious about African Americans who act differently than negative stereotypes.


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