Montreal marina with skyline in the background

Montreal marina with skyline in the background


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The city is named after Mount Royal, a triple-peaked hill that is as French as you can get outside of France. It strikes a happy balance between cosmopolitan restaurants, shopping, nightlife and arts with a small town feel that makes you want to talk to people at any coffeehouse, brewpub or cafe. Common use of Metro, buses and biking make it effortless to experience attractions in this pedestrian-friendly city.

Metropolitan Oasis in French-Speaking Canada
Do you believe in love at first sight? Well, while this cliché is most often applied to people, it is an apt sentiment to describe how I feel about Montréal …. More 

Montreal has a strong collection and diversity of events year round. So prepare for light clothes in summer, heavy clothes in snowy winters and layered clothing otherwise …. More  

Montreal museums follow the typical range you might expect from a large metro area in Canada. The difference is an unmistakeable and welcome French touch …. More  


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