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Toronto makes no pretention of small town feel. Towering over the north shore of Lake Ontario, this city relishes every minute wearing Big Boy pants. The only thing bigger than its global city aspirations with the tallest observation tower, distinguished theater district, tall office buildings, expanding Metro system and wide selection of cuisines, is its happy propensity to share them with visitors.

Eating, Drinking & Fun At Toronto International Film Festival
Toronto International Film Festival has been the epicenter of the film industry for over four decades. Movie lovers come to Toronto, home to 2.5 million people from 200 distinct ethnic backgrounds, for a multicultural “film festival vacation.” In-between premieres and mingling with celebrities … More

Toronto A Global City For All Seasons
Toronto is great North American city on par with Chicago in many ways. Since the natives are friendly and speak English, you’ll feel right in the mix once you walk through the landing gate. Add in great food, sights, sights, entertainment, and vibrant nightlife … More

Black Attractions
Neighborhoods outside of Little Jamaica with African-Canadian residents & businesses: Bathurst and Bloor, Kensington Market, Jane and Finch, Jane and Wilson, Malvern, Weston, Little Ethiopia, Little Ethiopia 2 and Muslim District and … More

Little Jamaica
Eglinton West district in Toronto is also known as “Little Jamaica.” Its beginning traces to 1958, when a number of immigrants from the Caribbean, the largest percentage of them being Jamaicans, settled in Eglinton West … More


If world museum standards for cities could be measured on a scale of 1 to 5, Toronto can be considered 4. That means visitors will find ample reason to buy a multi-museum pass. It features a strong collection of historical museums. Its fine art and archeology museums are noteworthy. Its science museums … More

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