Fellas meeting at St. Lawrence Market, Toronto

Fellas meeting at St. Lawrence Market, Toronto; (c) Soul Of America


Towering over the north shore of Lake Ontario, Toronto relishes every minute wearing Big Boy pants with a massive observation tower, theater district, a popular Metro system, a wide selection of cuisines, and the happy propensity to share them with visitors.

Eating, Drinking & Fun at Toronto International Film Festival
This festival has been the epicenter of the Canadian film industry for over four decades.

A Global City For All Seasons
Absent a legacy of Slavery & Jim Crow, most white Canadians seem friendlier than most white Americans.

Little Jamaica
Eglinton West district, also known as “Little Jamaica”, traces its roots to Caribbean immigrants since 1953.

Black Attractions
African-Canadian residents & businesses are also found in Bathurst, Kensington Market, Bloor and more.

An extensive collection of curated photos from this beloved festival.  

If world museum standards for cities could be measured on a scale of 1 to 5, the can rate as 4.


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