Lenny Dorsey at the Louvre, Paris

Lenny Dorsey at the Louvre pyramid entrance, Paris; (c) Soul Of America


Paris architecture, monuments, museums, boulevards, fashion shows and boutiques set the standard for urban tourism. And since heroic black soldiers in World War I followed by Josephine Baker, it has mostly welcomed African-American travelers.

Soul Of Paris
Monique Wells has provided African-American travelers with customized Afro-centric itineraries since 1999.

African-American Writers
James Baldwin, Chester Himes, Richard Wright and Langston Hughes were influenced by the City of Lights.

Paris: Beyond The Comfort Zone
African Americans are more likely to travel in groups for richer, more fulfilling travel experiences.

African Diaspora Art
Paris is renown for art, with a growing collection of African Diaspora art across the city.

Paris Museums
Its easy to fall in the love with the Louvre, but schedule ahead for hassle-free access.

Black Images At The Louvre
Few realize that it’s collections contain magnificent works depict persons of African descent.

Black Images At Orsay Museum
Europeans have portrayed people of color since ancient times in depictions running the gamut.

A Sister’s Perspective Living Here
To paraphrase a quote from a movie, “There are 8 million sister stories in the City of Light.”

Soul Food
Since the slave-chef of Thomas Jefferson, African-Americans have plied their culinary trade here.

Gourmet Chocolatiers
When regular confections won’t satisfy, discriminating palates trek here for invigorating chocolates.

Josephine Baker’s Paris
Though she only lived here for 14 years, the centennial of her birth was celebrated with reverance.

African-American Gravesites
Most travelers do not know there are many grave sites that trace over 200 years of major black figures.

Travel Tips
Locals respect Americans more when they first speak a few common phrases in French.


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