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The Great Sphinx and Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt; credit Spencer Davis


Landing in Cairo, Egypt you are drawn to the Pyramids of Giza. Your heart pulses with pride in the world’s first great civilization.

Ancient Egypt formed along the Nile at the junction of Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt.

The captivating residue of a great civilization, Middle East influences, colonization & modernity.

Giza, on the west bank of the Nile River, was the final resting place of the early Pharaohs.

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The immaculate temples of Luxor and Karnak reflect the power of this once-mighty civilization.

Ancient Nubia
Further up the Nile River, the city of Aswan presents many more World Heritage sites.

Travel Tips
October to April are the best months to visit Egypt for pleasant temperatures.

Something in the eyes of the Great Sphinx of Giza should remind you that this innovative African nation was the first great civilization.

Legend has it that jealous or drunken French soldiers shot its broad nose. Their disgraceful behavior can never mask that Egyptians invented pyramids, black ink, writing, papyrus sheets, the ox-drawn plow for improved farming, enhanced stone, architecture, police, irrigation canals, the sickle, calendar, clock, surgical instruments, libraries, wigs, cosmetic make-up, and toothpaste.

Those were foundational advancements to the modern world when most Europeans lived in caves and huts.


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