Ladies with Jumeirah Hotel in the background, Dubai

Alisha, Sherri, and LaToya with Jumeirah Hotel Dubai in the background, Dubai; credit Sherri Crawford


Dubai was a small village until oil transformed it economically, socially, and racially. Your head will swim processing its contrasts.

The city quickly evolved from a 19th-century trading outpost to a modern financial powerhouse.

Rising Above the Persian Gulf
As your landing jet strikes the horizon, peer at the crown jewel of the Arabian Desert.

The Persian Gulf and Arabian Desert sandwich the world’s tallest building and memorable camel rides.

Dubai has popular silky white-sand beaches along its Persian Gulf shoreline.

Burj Al Arab Hotel
Tour Burj Al Arab, the first ultra-luxury hotel with its Sail Icon on the Persian Gulf.

Travel Tips
Though you can dress like Westerners, ladies should wear a hajib in Old Dubai for more respect from native residents.

The city is an anachronism that miraculously balances the world’s highest skyscraper and luxury sports cars with camels and ancient-origin river taxis to Old Dubai. The trendy ultra-modern, luxurious side of Dubai has a kind of a “Wonderland for Adults” vibe.

About 85% of the city’s population is immigrants attracted by the city’s oil and trading wealth. That mix gives the city a cosmopolitan feel to make everyone as comfortable as their bank account allows.

The very low crime rate lets women and men enjoy a multitude of activities like camel rides, tours of some of the world’s most fascinating skyscrapers, and traversing ancient gold markets and modern shopping centers. The nightlife is also surprising.

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Though Dubai, United Arab Emirates held the 2020 World Expo, most world travelers missed out due to the pandemic. The remaining architecture from that world fair is a constant reminder of Dubai’s uncommon luxury.


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