Brother enjoying a successful day at Potsdamer Platz, Berlin, Black Travel

PHOTOS: Brother enjoying a successful day in Potsdamer Platz, Berlin; credit FluxFactory


Today’s Berlin is a vibrant combination of museums, other major attractions, shops, nightclubs, restaurants, coffeehouses, and historic sites that transform the momentous city well beyond its terrible past.

Few cities underwent more tumultuous changes that impacted the world.

Nazi Germany and Nation Rebirth
The rise of Hitler from a “Nobody” to Chancellor, Nazi leader & global pariah.

The Place To See And Be Seen
Germany’s history has left a treasure trove of must-see places to experience.

The city is a premiere arts destination with four must-see museums, plus smaller specialty museums.

Fast Dining
One of the hippest places in Europe delivers many tasty fast food options.

Travel Tips
Most stares from Germans are curious about Blacks who act differently than negative stereotypes.


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