Lyon takes its tourist-friendly vibe from a combination of ancient Roman ruins, Renaissance architecture & historic sites, cultural venues, an internationally acclaimed chef who popularized local cuisine, a thriving multi-dimensional economy, and the confluence of the Rhône and Saône rivers. Located in the center of Western Europe and hosting many attractions the city is perfect for 3- to 7-day side trips from Paris.

Understand why the city contains such a large and remarkable UNESCO World Heritage Site.

3 Days in Lyon
A 3-day getaway from Paris doesn’t do Lyon justice, but you can enjoy it nonetheless.

City of Gastronomy
Paul Bocuse, “The Pope of Gastronomy”, put this riverfront city on the map for tourism.

Traveling While Black
You won’t see as many uncomfortable stares, but some things you need to know.

Travel Tips
These tips can improve the quality of your visit.

Bateaux Restaurant cruise on the Rhone River

Lyon City Boat cruising the Rhone River; (c) ONLYLyon

This gastronomic capital deserves props for being named by the European Union as its 1st Capital of Smart Tourism in 2019. You can travel the entire the city without a car — Metro, Tram, Bus & Water Taxi service is that good. Dedicated Bikeway mileage is also increasing each year. In the Global Warming Era, Soul Of America hopes to see more cities making a similar commitment to Sustainable Tourism practices.


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