Navidad performed by the Ethiopian troupe called Fekat Circus, Madrid; credit Diario de Madrid


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Madrid has all the qualities you expect from a great European destination: grand architecture, landscaped parks and boulevards, gourmet restaurants and a pace-setting shopping district. Iconic museums and monuments place it on the same art world stage as Paris, London and Berlin. As the capital, business and university center of Spain, the city bustles with major events, educational activities, train stations and a Metro system that stops near every attraction. Make time in your itinerary for its famous flamenco clubs and extraordinary coffeehouses too.

Travel Tips
Major holidays are Dos de Mayo (2nd of May), San Isidro (15th of May), Fiesta of the Virgin of La Paloma (15th of August), the female Patron Saint of Madrid – the Virgin of La Almudena (9th of November), and … More

Old Madrid
With its diversity of architectural styles, Madrid has been called the “City of a thousand faces.” The city absorbed foreign influences and adapted them over the centuries, so today the city has eclectic architectural styles … More

Home to an incredible collection of 20th and 21st century art, Reina Sofía Museum, Thyssen-Bonemisza Museum and Prado Museum makes the city one of the world’s largest contemporary art museums … More

From the centuries ago when Spain dominated the world’s economy and oceans, to present day Spain, city museums are a repository of treasures those days and a forward looking world capital … More

Pamplona, Running of the Bulls
A brother shares his story attending San Fermin Festival, “Running of the Bulls”, in an otherwise sleepy town of Pamplona, just a short train ride from Madrid and a longer one for adventurous souls … More


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