Navidad performed by the Ethiopian troupe called Fekat Circus, Madrid; credit Diario de Madrid


Madrid has all the qualities of a great European destination: grand architecture, iconic museums & monuments, grand parks, magnificent train stations, shopping district, gourmet restaurants and a culture of dancing that gives it a distinctive flair.

Centuries ago, Spain dominated the world’s economy and Africans played role in their world explorations.

Old City
With its diversity of architectural styles, it has has been called the “City of a Thousand Faces.”

See why Reina Sofía Museum, Thyssen-Bonemisza Museum and Prado Museum are world renown.

Pamplona, Running of the Bulls
A brother’s story attending San Fermin Festival in the otherwise sleepy town of Pamplona.

Travel Tips
Major holidays are Dos de Mayo, San Isidro, Fiesta of the Virgin of La Paloma and much more.


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