Rio de Janeiro

Christ The Redeemer Monument atop Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro

The natural beauty of Rio de Janeiro is augmented with more than Christ The Redeemer Monument and endless beach bodies lining Copacabana and Ipanema. The 2016 Summer Olympics also brought much-needed infrastructure to the Marvelous City.

Portuguese came to rule Rio from the day they landed on the shore of Guanabara Bay in 1502.

Soul Of Rio
The Favelas of Rio contain the heart and soul of Rio’s music, dance and beautiful people.

Three Sisters in Rio de Janeiro
We arrived from the Lone Star State unsure of what to expect, but ready to explore the Marvelous City.

Rio Attractions
Stake out your itinerary for only-in-Rio attractions suitable for singles, couples and groups,

For Brothers Visiting Rio
Many single and “temporary-single” brothers dream of visiting Rio to explore their fantasy of exotic women.

Travel Tips
Consider visiting during New Year’s Eve, Carnaval, Tiradentes, Labor Day, Independence Day or All Soul’s Day.


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