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Thanks for contacting us. The world is constantly changing and has many perspectives for travel. Hence, good travel advice requires many perspectives on sites that must be accurate. Over time, the lack of updated information cripples good travel planning. That is why we thank you for reaching out to us to update specific sites and fix weblinks on SoulOfAmerica. We also thank you for sharing destination tips to better inform other travel planners.

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Comments (19)

  1. Regarding Gratiot Avenue in the city of Detroit, Michigan… Only someone who was born after the moon landing and who never lived in Detroit would ever come up with the absurd pronouncing of Gratiot Avenue as “gray-sha.” This nonsense has been spread all over the internet, but no Detroiter who ever lived in the city during its heyday would do anything but laugh at such a silly statement.

    Ask any old car person how to say “Gratiot Hot-Rod Shop” or “Gratiot Drive-In” or “Gratiot Avenue” and you will never get a silly response like “gray-sha.” No idea who dreamed this up, but using the excuse that a French dictionary says so is no excuse at all. It merely shows ignorance of the subject.

    Sending tourists to Detroit armed with the notion that Gratiot is pronounced “gray-sha” is just setting them up to be both ignorant and to appear like buffoons.

    Your organization really ought to make an effort to un-do the silly business of “gray-sha” which has now been spread all over the internet. Nobody from Detroit–except a newcomer or revisionist or someone who never lived there would ever waste time with making such a seriously fictional statement.

  2. Does anyone know of a tour to Washington DC this summer with the focus on the new museum of African History . I live in the Detroit area and would like to join a tour to Washington. Thank You.

  3. Has your organization ever thought about traveling to Cuba? We would love to collaborate as your Cuba Travel partner to curated programming to your organization and your clients.

    OnCuba Travel provides you with a “front seat” view to promote engagement and understanding of the current events in all social, cultural and economic level of Cuban society today. We curated programs that are exclusively designed to fit your visit. Whether you’re looking for a more in-depth program geared toward your group’s itinerary theme or looking to learn about everything you need to know about Cuban society and culture, you’ll find a visit program that’s right for you.

    You can visit us at



  4. Historic Beach and Town Recommendation – South Cape Beach, Mashpee, MA
    Located between Hyannis and Falmouth overlooking Martha’s Vineyard

  5. Greetings,

    I live in Atlanta, and I noticed on your site just a couple of things that are to be updated: The National Black Conference’s 1st event will be here on March 31st; Glady’s Restaurant has been closed for some time; a new African fabric store in Decatur; and there are other openings and closings that are not reflected in your Atlanta City directory. Please update for us here in Atlanta. Thank you!!

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