About SoulOfAmerica

About SoulOfAmerica

Soul Of America pioneered black travel information on the web. Our team draws inspiration from the many brave and creative African-Americans who invented or played a huge role developing Gospel, Blues, Jazz, Soul Music, Reggae, Zydeco, Soul Food, Creole Food, Barbecue, works of art, places of worship, historic sites, cultural sites, colleges and many other treasures that make our world richer.

About SoulOfAmerica

When SoulOfAmerica started as an online hobby in 1997, general travel media only listed a handful of black heritage sites in New York City, Washington and Atlanta. One famous general market travel guide even advised people not to visit the South Side of Chicago. That challenged us to prove them wrong and enlighten the world. Inspired by our lead, other travel media now include African-American sites in every hamlet, but not as comprehensively as us.

Though African-American travelers are our primary audience, SoulOfAmerica attracts visitors of all stripes and geographies who broaden their travel perspectives by exploring editorial, listings, photos, video and shared stories on cultural treasures with all the appreciation and in some cases, reverence our culture deserves. In that sense, visiting SoulOfAmerica.com website to virtually sample African-American culture is similar to visiting Chinatown to sample Chinese-American culture.

We have upgraded our international content, social media and mobile-friendliness for the visitor’s convenience. Whether a quick visit or hour long dive into SoulOfAmerica, we promise that there are many insights and pleasant surprises to make your next trip more engaging.






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