Metropolitan Museum of Art lobby, NYC Museums

The spacious lobby of Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC; credit Robert Bye/UN

NYC Museums

Metropolitan Museum of Art
DESCRIPTION: Founded in 1870, it has risen from its distinguised location on the edge of Central Park to become one of the world’s largest museums with the breadth and depth of exhibits matched only by the great art museums of Washington, Los Angeles, Chicago, London and Paris. Curatorial departments at this encyclopedic museum include American Decorative Art, American Paintings and Sculture, Ancient Near Eastern Art, Arms & Armor, Arts of Africa, Ocenia and the Americas, Asian Art, The Cloisters, The Costume Institute, Drawings & Prints, Islamic Art, Greek & Roman Art, Medieval Art, Modern Art, Musical Instruments, Photographs, European Paintings, Eurpean Sculture, a Textile Center. The definitive Egyptian gallery has temple recreations and real mummies. The “Met” presents more than 30 exhibitions each year, representing a wide range of artists, eras, and cultures. Families also enroll kids in art prgrams and the gift shop is remarkable.
ADMISSION: $$, Age 11 and under Free
DAYS & HOURS: Sun, Tue-Thu 9:30a-5p, Fri-Sat 9:30a-8:45p
ADDRESS: 1000 5th Avenue, New York, NY; MAP
RAPID TRANSIT: 4, 5, 6 lines
PHONE: 212-535-7710‎

Museum of Modern Art
DESCRIPTION: If you are looking the best works by the biggest names, Eureka. MOMA was founded in 1929 as an educational institution, it is dedicated to being the foremost museum of modern art in the world. They preserve and interpret a permanent collection of architectural design, drawings, film, painting and photography. That reflects the vitality of the many diverse areas of contemporary art. The architecture of the place is as important as the art it shows – take some time to just relax at any of a dozen places.
DAYS & HOURS: Sat-Thu 10:30a–5:30p, Fri 10:30a–8p
ADDRESS: 11 West 53 Street, New York, NY; MAP
PHONE: 212-708-9400

New Museum of Contemporary Art
DESCRIPTION: An important museum that fills the gaps left open by the Museum of Modern Art — the works of emerging artists and their extensive, diverse portfolio. This innovative museum includes the city’s first program dedicated to the exhibition and exploration of digital art, experimental video and sound works.
ADMISSION: Adults $, Age 18 and under FREE
DAYS & HOURS: Wed, Sat-Sun Noon-6p, Thu-Fri Noon-9p
ADDRESS: 235 Bowery Street, New York, NY; MAP
PHONE: 212-219-1222

Paley Center for Media
DESCRIPTION: The parent museum to a duplicate in Los Angeles. Look inside a moving time capsule. Choose from hundreds of classic variety shows, commercials, historic newscasts, and music programs from a personal display monitor. Relive old memories and younger times.
DAYS & HOURS: Tue, Wed, Fri-Sun Noon-6p
ADDRESS: 25 West 52nd Street, New York, NY; MAP
PHONE: 212-621-6800

Museum of the City of New York
DESCRIPTION: A 1932 Georgian-style structure serves as the museum home. It may be best to begin your visit by viewing the film called “Timescapes: A Multimedia Film Portrait of New York, 1609-Today”, first showing at 10:15a and last showing at 4:15pm. The history of New York is also told through period rooms, costumes, decorative arts, photographs, theatre banners, paintings and 10,000 toys used by New Yorkers.
DAYS & HOURS: Tue-Sun 10a-5p
ADMISSION: $; Free on Sundays between 10a-Noon
ADDRESS: 1220 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY; MAP
PHONE: 212-534-1672

Guggenheim Museum
DESCRIPTION: This striking Frank Lloyd Wright design was for wealthy magnate, Solomon R. Guggenheim. The lauded architect was asked to design a non-traditional building to house Guggenheim’s Museum of Non-Objective Paintings. Controversial when designed and constructed, Guggenheim and Wright died before the building’s 1959 completion. The building is flooded with light as the architect intended. Art by Kalinsky, especially his composition 8, makes the trip worthwhile. Numerous eye-catching pieces by Picasso and Modigliane are on hand. Visitors can experience special exhibitions of contemporary art, lectures by artists and critics, performances and film screenings, and classes. Audio tours are free with paid admission.
ADMISSION: $$, Age 11 and under Free
DAYS & HOURS: Sat–Wed 10a–5:45p, Fri 10a–8p
ADDRESS: 1071 5th Avenue, New York, NY; MAP
RAPID TRANSIT: 4, 5, 6 lines
PHONE: 212-423-3615

Whitney Museum of American Art
DESCRIPTION: Founded in 1931 by Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney, the museum is home to one of the nation’s best collections of 20th-century American art. The permanent collection consists of 12,000 works encompasses paintings, sculptures, multimedia installations, drawings, prints, and photographs. All the art galleries are ADA accessible.
ADMISSION: $$, Age 12 and enter Free; Fridays 6p–9p
DAYS & HOURS: Wed–Thu 11a–6p, Fri 1p–9p, 
Sat–Sun 11a–6p
ADDRESS: 945 Madison Avenue, New York, NY; MAP
PHONE: 800-944-8639

Museum of Modern Art, NYC

Museum of Modern Art, NYC; credit Bret Beyer/MoMA

Museum of Arts & Design
DESCRIPTION: Founderd in 1942 and formerly known as the American Craft Museum with a narrower focus, this museum collects and interprets objects in ceramic, glass, fiber metal and wood that honor innovation in art, craft and design. It examines how decorative and design processes have changed through materials to enhance our lives. The venue includes a 155-seat auditorium for lectures and 9th floor restaurant with sweeping views of Central Park. The Store at MAD is well-stocked with ceramic gifts.
ADMISSION: $$, Age 11 and under enter Free
DAYS & HOURS: Fri-Wed 11a-6p, Thu 11a-8p
ADDRESS: 2 Columbus Circle, New York, NY; MAP
RAPID TRANSIT: 1, A, B, C, D lines
PHONE: 212-299-7777

Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum
DESCRIPTION: Founded in 1897 by Amy, Eleanor, and Sarah Hewitt—granddaughters of industrialist Peter Cooper—as part of The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art. The museum has been a branch of the Smithsonian since 1967. Cooper-Hewitt is housed in the landmark Andrew Carnegie Mansion. Today, designers love to visit this Smithsonian Institution home to unique and mass-produced items. Get inspiration for new product lines from their huge and diverse collection of decorative arts; the facility is a wondrously decorated, free-standing 1903 Georgian-style mansion with a short garden-like entrance.
ADMISSION: $$, Age 11 and enter Free
DAYS & HOURS: Mon-Fri 10a–5p, 
Sat 10a–6p, 
Sun Noon–6p
ADDRESS: 2 East 91st Street, New York, NY; MAP
RAPID TRANSIT: 4, 5, 6 lines
PHONE: 212-849-8400

Jewish Museum
DESCRIPTION: Founded in 1904, the museum demonstrates how Jewish culture is reflected in art through 28,000 objects of different media, including Fine Arts, Judaica and broadcast media. A beautiful sculpture court was installed alongside the Mansion in 1959. The 1993 expansion added space for educational programs, public amenities, and a two-floor permanent exhibition called Culture and Continuity: The Jewish Journey.
ADMISSION: $$; Free on Saturdays 11a-5:45p
DAYS & HOURS: Sat-Wed 11a-5:45p, Thu 11a-8p galleries
ADDRESS: 1109 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY; MAP
PHONE: 212-423-3200

Museum of Jewish Heritage
DESCRIPTION: Opened in 1997, the museum was created as a living memorial to those who perished during the Holocaust and to affirm the vibrant Jewish community in NYC today. A tiered pyramidal structure hosts the core collections and testimonies of survivors via photos, videos, and artifacts, of Jewish heritage from the late 19th century to present. The Morgenthau Wing hosts performances, classes, special exhibitions and events.
ADMISSION: $; Free on Wednesdays 4p-8p
DAYS & HOURS: Sun-Tue and Thu 10a-5:45p, Wed and Fri 10a-5p, closes at 3p during the eve of Jewish holidays
ADDRESS: 36 Battery Place, New York, NY; MAP
RAPID TRANSIT: 4, 5 lines
PHONE: 212-968-1800

Tenement Museum
DESCRIPTION: Built in 1863 and inhabited until 1935, more than 7,000 people from 24 ethnic groups have lived here. In fact, as many as 13 people lived in a 325 square foot apartment. Although African Americans are not documented to have lived in this house, they did live next door at 95 Orchard Street and in this community since the 1700s. The museum was founded in 1984 to give people a sense for the New York urban experience in the mid-1800s. Walking tours are available.
ADMISSION: $$, Age 12 and enter Free
DAYS & HOURS: Mon-Sun 11a-6p
ADDRESS: 108 Orchard Street, New York, NY; MAP
PHONE: 212-431-0233
WEBSITE: http://www.tenement.or

The Africa Center
DESCRIPTION: The Africa Center multidisciplinary institution that provides a gateway for engagement with contemporary Africa. The Center’s work is premised on the idea that this emerging market of one billion people, characterized by diversity and complexity, is relevant to building a prosperous and secure future. The 80,000 square foot center features a number of eye-catching exhibits, including Where Gods and Mortals Meet: Continuity and Renewal in Urhobo Art.
DAYS & HOURS: Mon-Fri 10a-5p, Sat-Sun 11a-6p
ADDRESS: 1280 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY
RAPID TRANSIT: many lines
PHONE: 212-444-9795


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