John Legend performing at World Trade Center Transit Hub, New York City

John Legend performing a World Trade Center Transit Hub; credit Silverstein Properties

New York City

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New York City, the Big Apple, has a backstory deeper than Hip-Hop at the Apollo and broader than New Year’s Eve Celebration. It’s the heartbeat of the world’s economy with a robust arts scene.

American History includes 1619 New York

Cultural Sites
The Schomberg is both a cultural treasure and intellectual candy

Restaurants & Nightclubs
The choices are plentiful and trendy

Sleeping Gypsy at MoMA, Henri Rousseau

Sleeping Gypsy portrait at New York MoMA, credit Henri Rousseau

The heart of Harlem is still the Apollo Theater

Black Theatre & Dance
Where Sidney Poitier and Harry Belafonte met in Black Theater

Broadway Theatre
Where Denzel recharges his acting batteries

Blacks On Broadway
August Wilson opened doors for Black Playwrights on Broadway

Friends Shopping in New York City

Girlfriends shopping in New York City; credit FG Trade/iS

Heritage Sites
The African Burial Grounds is a must visit for every familiy

Places of Worship
Abyssinian Baptist Church has few peers in its spiritual leadership

Lotions, potions, a manicure, and a pedicure are just the start

General Attractions
Rockefeller Center is outstanding from the ground to the top

The Met Museum is far more than a great fashion show

Family Attractions
When in doubt, there’s always Central Park

Civil Rights Movement in NYC
Adam Clayton Powell, political difference-maker in Congress

Soul Music
Every time you hear great music in NYC, remember the great Luther Vandross

Marcus Garvey in NYC
Part of Malcolm X’s background traces to Marcus Garvey

David & Thomas Dorsey atop the Empire State Building

David Dorsey & Thomas Dorsey atop the Empire State Building; (c) Soul Of America

Malcolm X in NYC
Malcom said “You been had. You been took. You been bamboozled, led astray

Trivia & Famous Residents
Notable Black folks from the Harlem Renaissance to Present Day



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