West Angeles Cathedral, Los Angeles Places of Worship

West Angeles Church of God in Christ Cathedral, Los Angeles

Los Angeles Places of Worship

Second Baptist Church
DESCRIPTION: Founded 1885, the first edifice was on Maple Street near 7th street and is the oldest Black Baptist church in LA; the current building opened in 1926; the church owns a retreat center in Lake Elsinore, provides senior housing; a credit union, economic development corporation, family life institute and various outreach ministries make this church vital in the South LA
ADDRESS: 2412 Griffith Avenue, Los Angeles, CA MAP
PHONE: 213-748-0318
WEBSITE: http://www.sbcla.org

First African Methodist Episcopal Church
DESCRIPTION: FAME was founded by Biddy Mason in 1872; this notable edifice was designed by architect and former member Paul Williams; Pastor Emeritous Dr. Cecil “Chip” L. Murray is credited for raising the community responsiveness by the church and many youth outreach, crisis prevention programs; the church also features an outstanding gospel choir
ADDRESS: 2270 South Harvard Blvd, Los Angeles, CA MAP
PHONE: 323-730-9180
WEBSITE: http://www.famechurch.org

Phillips Temple Christian Methodist Episcopal Church
DESCRIPTION: Considered the Mother CME church of Southern California
ADDRESS: 971 East 43rd Street, Los Angeles, CA MAP
PHONE: 323-233-4783
WEBSITE: http://www.phillipstemplecme.com

Bryant Temple African Methodist Episcopal Church
DESCRIPTION: Another AME congregation doing great things in LA
SUNDAY WORSHIP: 8a & 11:15a
ADDRESS: 2525 West Vernon Avenue, Los Angeles, CA MAP
PHONE: 323-293-6201
WEBSITE: http://www.bryanttemple.org

Figueroa Church of Christ
DESCRIPTION: Founded in 1938 by Brother Richard N. Hogan (1902-1997); a Mother Church for the Church of Christ in LA; under Hogan’s stewardship the church grew rapidly and the congregation moved to this facility in the 1950s, by 1968 a 1500-seat auditorium, classrooms and office space where added on — Brother Hogan designed the addition saving the church architectural fees
SUNDAY WORSHIP: 10:10a & 6p
ADDRESS: 455 West 57th Street, Los Angeles, CA MAP
PHONE: 323-753-2536
WEBSITE: http://figueroachurchofchrist.com

Greater Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church
DESCRIPTION: Founded in 1950 under the leadership under the leadership of Rev. Alzo W. Lott, the church has to a membership of over 5,000 with numerous community outreach ministries
ADDRESS: 5300 South Denker Avenue, Los Angeles, CA MAP
PHONE: 323-759-4996
WEBSITE: http://www.thegreaterebenezer.com

Crenshaw Christian Center
DESCRIPTION: Dr. Fred Price leads this successful TV ministry to nearly 10,000 person congregation that’s full of the anointing; the tabernacle is housed in the geodesic Faith Dome that was formerly Pepperdine College basketball gym
ADDRESS: 7901 South Vermont Avenue, Los Angeles, CA MAP
PHONE: 323-758-3777
WEBSITE: http://www.crenshawchristiancenter.net

Muhammad’s Mosque #27
DESCRIPTION: The Nation of Islam’s Western regional headquarters and mosque
ADDRESS: 8713 South Vermont Avenue, Los Angeles, CA MAP
PHONE: 323-751-1283

St Brigid Catholic Church
DESCRIPTION: One of the oldest Black Catholic congregations in Southern California
SUNDAY WORSHIP: 8:30a & 10:30a
ADDRESS: 5214 South Western Avenue, Los Angeles, CA MAP
PHONE: 323-292-0781

West Angeles Church of God in Christ
DESCRIPTION: The first edifice on the complex, which is seen from Crenshaw Blvd, was designed by famed architect Paul Williams; Bishop Charles Blake leads this congregation of more than 22,000 members; the old cathedral is two blocks north on the opposite side of the street
SUNDAY WORSHIP: 8a, 11a and 7p
ADDRESS: 3600 South Crenshaw Blvd, Los Angeles, CA MAP
PHONE: 323-733-8300
WEBSITE: http://www.westa.org

Faithful Central Baptist Church
DESCRIPTION: This church complex features numerous Christian education, youth outreach and counseling programs addressing the needs of the community
SUNDAY WORSHIP: 7a and 10a
ADDRESS: 321 North Eucalyptus Avenue, Inglewood, CA MAP
PHONE: 310-330-8000
WEBSITE: http://www.faithfulcentral.com


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