Gallery Chuma hats preferred by church ladies

Gallery Chuma hats favored by church ladies; (c) Soul Of America

Charleston Shops & Galleries

Sweetgrass Basket Stands
DESCRIPTION: Basket stands have been sprinkled along North Highway 17 on both sides of the road since the 1930s. These wooden stands display the artists variety of sizes and designs, and often one can get a glimpse of a basket-in-the-making. Sweetgrass grows naturally near the area’s marshes and pine straw is often used in addition, and the coiled baskets are stitched with strips from the Palmetto, the state tree. Sweetgrass baskets are also sold at the City Market.
ADDRESS: Four Corners of Law, Charleston, SC MAP
PARKING: on street

Utopia Boutique
DESCRIPTION: Owner-artist Beki Crowell and husband Sherman Evans run this charming boutique with women’s clothing, accessories, jewelry and stationery. The striking and colorful artwork on the walls, painted by Crowell, makes the boutique a mini art gallery. Shoppers will find it hard to walk out of the store without buying at least a few pairs of Crowell’s unique earrings.
DAYS & HOURS: Mon–Sat 11a–7p, Sun 12p–5p
ADDRESS: 27 Broad Street, Charleston, SC MAP
PARKING: on street
PHONE: 843-853-9510

Gallery Chuma
DESCRIPTION: Chuma Nwokike displays a wealth of African American art, especially from South Carolinians; pieces include colorful paintings by award-winning artist, Jonathan Green of Beaufort County; Green, known for his beautiful interpretations of South Carolina’s Gullah culture, did the official poster for the 2004 Spoleto Festival. It has hosted many artists, including the master ironwork artisan, Phillip Simmons. Located next to the Charleston Visitor’s Center.
DAYS & HOURS: Mon-Sat 10a-6p
ADDRESS: 188 Meeting Street, Charleston, SC MAP
PARKING: on street
PHONE: 843-722-7568


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