Fort Sumpter National Monument, Charleston

Kalin Thomas of Soul Of America visiting Fort Sumpter National Monument, Charleston


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Archeological digs of wooden huts indicate that Native Americans lived in the Low Country thousands of years before Christ. They comprised the Kiawah, Etiwan, Edisto, Stono, Wando and Ashepoo tribes … More

Cultural Sites
The Old Slave Mart Museum is perhaps the most famous of several locations where slaves were sold in Charleston. The last auctions at this market were held as late as 1863 during the Civil War … More

Famous for its remarkable mix of Low Country and Soul Food cuisines, Charleston will never disappoint your palate. If you’re not invited for dinner at someone’s home, try these … More

Low Country Cuisine
This popular cuisine of Charleston is a mixture of African, Caribbean, European and Native American influences. These days, it’s served in 5-star restaurants all over the Carolinas … More

Shops and Galleries
Basket stands have been sprinkled along North Highway 17 since the 1930s. These wooden stands display the artists’ variety of sizes and designs, and often one can get a glimpse of a basket-in-the-making … More

Denmark Vesey’s Plan of Uprising Against Slavery
Some historians mislabel Vesey’s Plan of Uprising Against Slavery as an “Insurrection”, but that dishonors the man who sought freedom for people in horrible bondage and discounts his intelligence … More

Colored Troops Glory Assault on Fort Wagner
On 17 July 1862 Congress passed the Confiscation Act declaring all slaves of Rebel masters FREE who joined the Union military. The 1st and 2nd South Carolina Volunteer Regiments of Colored Troops … More

Places of Worship
Organized in 1791 by enslaved and free persons of African descent, in Emanuel AME Church, Denmark Vesey constructed his plans for a Charleston slave uprising in 1822 … More

Historic Sites
Denmark Vesey Residence, Catfish Row, Aiken-Rhett House, Drayton Hall Plantation, Magnolia Plantation, Fort Wagner and Stono River Slave Rebellion Site are the opening acts … More

Family Attractions
Given the seafront location, expectations are high when you enter South Carolina Aquarium. Opened in 2000, the experience begins the Great Hall that boasts 2-story windows offering the best views of Charleston Harbor … More

General Attractions
Fort Sumter National Monument, Old City Market, Old Exchange & Provost Dungeon, Charleston Cooks! Maverick Kitchen Store, Fort Moultrie and Calhoun Mansion … More

The Arts
Gibbes Museum of Art, Wells Gallery and Dock Street Theatre seem adequate for this quaint city of old traditions … More

Charleston Jazz & Dance
When most people think of the Birth of Jazz, they only think of New Orleans. But there is significant evidence Jazz was evolving simultaneously in Charleston. In fact, the 1920’s dance craze to Jazz music was … More

Trivia, Radio Stations and Famous Residents
Denmark Vesey and Gullah Jack Pritchard, the African priest who assisted him, plus
Robert Smalls, a hero who escaped slavery and captured a Confederate warship … More


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