Altercall at Emanuel AME Church, Charleston Places of Worship

Altercall at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston; (c) Soul Of America

Charleston Places of Worship

Emanuel AME Church
DESCRIPTION: Organized in 1791 by enslaved and free persons of African descent; the original edifice was erected in 1818. In this church, Denmark Vesey laid plans for a slave uprising in 1822. The church was reorganized in 1865. The present edifice was erected in 1891.
SUNDAY WORSHIP: 7:30a and 11a
ADDRESS: 110 Calhoun Street, Charleston, SC MAP
PHONE: 843-722-2561

Mt. Zion AME Church
DESCRIPTION: The first brick church owned by African Americans in Charleston was purchased in 1882 by members of Emanuel AME Church so its congregation could expand. The 54th and 55th Massachusetts regiments worshipped here while stationed in Charleston. With its six different choirs, the church offers a wide variety of music, from classical to original Negro spirituals dating before the 1900s.
SUNDAY WORSHIP: 7:30a and 11:15a
ADDRESS: 5 Glebe Street, Charleston, SC MAP
PHONE: 843-722-8118

Ebenezer AME Church
DESCRIPTION: This delightful church built in 1903 has unique bottle trees in the churchyard.
ADDRESS: 46 Nassau Street, Charleston, SC MAP
PHONE: 843-723-1076

Morris Street Baptist Church
DESCRIPTION: This historic church hosted many meetings for Civil Rights activists.
ADDRESS: 25 Morris Street, Charleston, SC MAP
PHONE: 843-722-0420

Calvary Baptist Church
DESCRIPTION: A modest Baptist congregation in town
SUNDAY WORSHIP: 7:30a on 1st & 3rd Sundays and every Sunday at 11:15a
ADDRESS: 387 Sumter Street, Charleston, SC MAP
PHONE: 843-723-0069

Old Bethel AME Church
DESCRIPTION: Organized in 1867, the building was designed and built in 1872 by Samuel Drayton, a local African American who built a number of structures in the area. Local craftsmanship is clearly visible throughout the church; a new church was constructed in the 1980s due to the congregation’s growth.
ADDRESS: 464 Society Road, McClellanville, SC MAP
PHONE: 803-887-3183


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