Girl-Dad spending priceless time a family-friendly Montego Bay Beach; credit Jamaica Tourism Board

Montego Bay Beaches

Doctor’s Cave Beach & Bathing Club
White sands, calm waters that some believe are fed by mineral springs. In the 1920s, a British osteopath doctor declared that the water had curative powers after swimming here. Perhaps the doctor was selling snake oil, but it worked. More visitors came from around the world. Resort hotels sprung up along the beach. Today, Doctor’s Cave Beach is often crowded with cruise ship passengers who saw the beach as they approached port. The shallow waters also make this a popular place to snorkel. For an admission fee, the bathing club include change rooms and you can rent other beach equipment. No visit is complete without a stop in the restaurant and gift shop. There is the small admission charge to the beach.
ADDRESS: Gloucester Ave, Montego Bay

Belvedere Beach
Belvedere Beach is accessible via Gloucester Avenue, and is about 100 yards from downtown Montego Bay. There is a hotel located close to this beach, so many of the people there tend to be guests from that property. The beach itself is well maintained and clean. Though there are no restrooms, nearby businesses and other amenities round out the experience.
ADDRESS: Just 0.6 miles northwest of downtown Montego Bay

Montego Beach
It is one of the busiest beaches in MoBay. On weekends, holidays and when multiple cruise ships dock, it can be hard to find a parking spot at this popular beach. And yet convenience services abound, including umbrella and beach sport rentals. The waters here are clear, warm and beautiful, and you’ll wonder why you didn’t go sooner!
ADDRESS: 1.5 miles north of downtown Montego Bay

Dump-up Beach
The beach is one of three crescent shaped bays in Montego Bay. Its also an events park for locals and visitors, yet manages to maintain crystal clear waters and ticklish white sands. Occasionally, free concerts are staged on this beach. At other times, you’ll find soccer matches, domino games or picnics. If you’re looking for a high activity beach after walking through downtown MoBay, your feet will find welcome here.
ADDRESS: downtown Montego Bay

Aquasol Beach Park – Walter Fletcher Beach
All you need to know about Aquasol Beach Park is that it is one of those spots in Montego Bay, that without even trying, fuses relaxation and fun by offering the perfect mix of island music, people and food. The vibe here is carefree and super laid back. Children love this beach as it is one of the main Montego Bay Beaches that has family-friendly appeal with waterslides, go-karts, skating rink and other kid-oriented entertainment experiences. Adults appreciate tennis court, sports bar, fitness center, restaurant and watersport rentals available, Families with small children appreciate the lifeguard on duty during the daytime. There’s a small admission fee to the beach.
ADDRESS: located 0.5 miles northwest of downtown Montego Bay

Decameron Cornwall Beach
Higher up on the list in terms of popularity is Cornwall beach with golden sands and clear blue seas. It has the essential elements you’ll want in a Caribbean beach, including hotel rooms with great views and snorkeling. when snorkeling, chances are you’ll see a wide variety of colorful fish. If you’re feeling especially adventurous, partake in a glass-bottom boat tour available from the dock. Cornwall beach is located just over one mile north-northwest of downtown. The one drawback to this beach is that it is now owned by a hotel chain, so you’ll have to buy a day pass to indulge. If you’re not willing to pay the price, check out Doctor’s Cave Beach which is adjacent to Cornwall, and comparable in beauty.
ADDRESS: behind Royal Decameron Resort on Gloucester Ave, Montego Bay

Tropical Bliss Beach
This aptly named beach is often lively with parties and rum punch sold at reasonable cost. If you arrive early enough, inflatables are available for relaxing in the water. The music ranges from Reggae to Hip Hop and Pop. There are dance-off contests and beach athletes who perform for tips. Try the grilled lobster or curry conch. Ya Mon!! Many visitors take a shuttle from the Montego Bay cruise port. If you look landward, watch the occasional jet take-off from Sangster International Airport. There’s a small admission fee to the beach.
ADDRESS: located 5 miles from downtown Montego Bay, just past Sandals Montego Bay Resort

Dead End Beach
You’ll hear lots of people talking about how beautiful the sunsets are from this beach, but that is not the only thing that is remarkable here. Shallow waters and beautiful views make it the perfect location for families. Dead End beach is also near the airport for some plane watching. Despite the occasional jet noise at take-off, watching jets arrive over the water more than compensates and is somehow relaxing on beach chair. Bring your own food, and drinks to this beach, or try the local bar and grill located at the edge of this beach.
ADDRESS: located 1.5 miles north of downtown Montego Bay


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