Find your romantic beach in Montego Bay

Renew your romance on a perfect white-sand beach with turquoise waters, Montego Bay; credit Jamaica Tourism Board

Montego Bay

Montego Bay has a vibe filled with Jamaican culture, history, Reggae music, nightclubs, luxury resorts, and great beaches. Nearby Falmouth also has a popular cruise port and notable attractions.

The black presence in Jamaica started in the 1650s when colonizers brought enslaved people from Africa.

See the Hip Strip, Montego Bay Cultural Centre, Applegate Rum Factory, Rose Hall Great, and golf courses.

See why Doctor’s Cove Beach Club is most responsible for Mo-Bay developing into a resort town.

A guide takes you 20 winding miles down the turquoise Martha Brae River through the inland rainforest.

If visiting MoBay for only one event, Reggae SumFest is the most culturally rewarding and fun for Black Travelers.

Jamaica Reggae Ride
MoBay is an annual stop for cyclist riding across Jamaica with no shortage of breathtaking scenery.

Travel Tips
Unfortunately, pickpockets are well hidden among the vast majority of good-spirited locals.


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