Martinique Beaches

The solitude of Les Salines Beach in Martinique; credit Ian Seweel

Martinique Beaches

The water is calmest in the early morning, as waves pick up over the day. In general, Martinique’s beaches are less crowded than others in the Caribbean. Many unpeopled stretches are easy to reach. There is plenty of marine flora and fauna on display for anyone with a mask, snorkel and a map to those beaches that feature shore-side reefs.

Anse Mitan Beach
This beach is perfect for families traveling with children. In fact, on certain days you’ll find barriers which keep children from wading out too far into the water. The tourism is more developed on this part of the island, so you’ll find a convenience store, restaurants and even a casino across the street. The Hotel Bambou, located right on the beach, has lounge chairs available for a small fee.

Les Salines Beach
It’s glistening white sand, palm trees, coconut trees and restaurants make it popular with locals and visitors alike. Nevertheless, it’s a great place to relax, with room to lay down a towel in the best places. You’ll want to stay for multi-colored sunset that causes it to be cited as the most beautiful beach in Martinique. Picnic tables are available in the shade.

Diamond Beach
This 2.5 mile beach is home to Diamond Rock and is popular with joggers. It’s also photogenic. There are some must see activities in the area and a slavery memorial that is worthy of a visit as well.

Basse Pointe
This beach is located on the northeastern side of the island, which is known for it’s dark sand and rough waters. Its not for swimming, but perfect for surfers. Every year there is a professional competition held by the World Surf League called Martinique Surf Pro. It’s worth the drive to a remote area.

Point Du Bout
This is a crowded beach on weekends, which is great for those who like high activity. The area has a high concentration of small hotels & Airbnb accommodations in this area, many within walking distance to the beach. Don’t come for solitude, since tourists and locals gather to listen to music.

La Francaise Beach
This beach is within walking distance to the two ports of Fort de France. It’s the perfect spot for cruise ship travelers. The surprise is that it has a swimmable beach. After a day of sightseeing and enjoy the picnic area.

Anse Noire Beach
This is a stunning black sand beach. You have to climb stairs to access it, so it’s not for low energy people. This beach is perfect for snorkeling. Sometimes turtles inhabit the area, so please refrain from touching them. There are picnic tables above the beach to relax as well.

One of the highlights of Martinique’s dive sites includes the Saint-Pierre wrecks, offering one of the Caribbean’s most accessible undersea journeys back in time. Once known as The Paris of the Caribbean, Saint-Pierre was converted into The Pompeii of the Caribbean when Mount Pelée volcano erupted in 1902, destroying the city and a number of ships docked in its bustling harbor, now offering visitors a unique window into Martinique’s rich historical past. Simobey is run by a fisherman and wife duo who will take you on a half or full day to swim, snorkel and enjoy a fresh seafood lunch.

Of the 5 marinas in Martinique, the port of Le Marin is the largest and was awarded the distinction of five marine rings, the highest ranking bestowed by the French Federation of Marinas. It is one of only 2 ports out of 320 French ports to have ever attained this national level of distinction. With top-notch environmental infrastructures, the marina is located in the well equipped and dynamic town of Le Marin in the South of Martinique.


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