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Terminal 3 at Cairo International Airport; credit Wiki/Alensha

Egypt Transportation


Egypt Transportation options are dominated by Cairo. Cairo International Airport (CAI) is the second largest airport for international flights to Africa. The diverse range of airlines serving it and large passenger jets from the USA or Western Europe to Cairo include:

Air Arabia
Air Cairo
Eritrean Airways
Fly Egypt
Egypt Air
Nile Air
Sudan Airways
Syrian Air
Air France
Air India
British Airways
Ethiopian Airlines
Kuwait Airways
Turkish Airlines
Royal Jordanian

CAI has modern terminals: International Hall 1, Departure Hall 3, and Hall 4, the latter of which is mainly for non-commercial and private aircraft. Another terminal is designed to accommodate up to 1200 passengers per hour and used to ease congestion during the Islamic pilgrimage season. Terminals are spaced apart with a bus shuttling between them every hour and a mini metro every 10 minutes. However, if you are in a hurry, you can always take a taxi.

Persons allowed access to airport lounges are: First and Business class passengers of contracted airlines and Priority Pass, lounge club, lounge key, Lounge Pass, Diners Club, and Dragon Pass cardholders. They also accept passengers with cash at the reception counter or online pre-payment ($30 US per non-Egyptian passenger).

When visiting Egypt for up to 30 days, get a visa in advance by holding a passport that is valid for six months from the arrival date in Egypt and paying a visa fee of $25 US. The visa can be obtained from any approved bank kiosk within the airport terminals and the fee can only be paid in cash. Credit cards are not allowed.

Though the US dollar, British pound, and Euros are accepted in major hotels and stores, change some money on arrival at the airport for use on your first day for things like taxis, otherwise, book an Uber. International ATMs, banks, and bureau de change at the airport operate 24-7. Here is a CAI Airport walk-around video of its interior.

Cairo Metro Station platform

Cairo Metro Station platform; credit Omar Adel

Rapid Transit

Cairo Metro stations are modern and trains are air-conditioned. The Metro features 3 lines with 3 more lines set to open in 2023. As you see from this CAIRO METRO MAP, the lines stop at many popular destinations.

The Metro can be crowded in the morning and evening hours. The Metro system offers WiFi. Stations are secured with over 3000 cameras and a Metro police force that enable women commuters to feel safe at all times. There are informative displays about trains and stations.

Trains run frequently from CAI Airport on the Red Line. The Red Line runs from 5 am-Midnight, Saturday-Wednesday; 5 am-1 am Thursday and 10 am-1 am Friday. When riding, respect personal space, give way to other people, and allow passengers to get off the train before you get on.

Only consider public buses if traveling with an Egyptian friend.


If you are in Egypt for business, consider renting an Uber luxury car for greater comfort. Let an experienced Egyptian driver worry about chaotic traffic without striped lanes. In all cases, use a regular taxi or Uber if you have large luggage.

Cairo highways are modern and efficient, with English & Arabic signage.

Nile felluca cruise boat near Luxor

Cruise the Nile River on a small Felluca boat from Luxor or Cairo; (c) Soul Of America


On a tight budget, you can always ride a Felluca boat across the Nile River. Most people do because it’s so affordable.

There are many choices to cruise the Nile River. If your budget can afford it, take a 5 or 6-day luxury cruise on the Nile from Cairo to Luxor or Luxor to Aswan. Traveling at 5-6 mph, you can see every detail of this timeless area on the Sudan steamship. Whether you book a cabin or a luxury suite, it features immaculate comfort and service. Bucket List Item? Check!

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