Diver sees a Mayan statue, Cozumel Watersports

Diver sees a Mayan statue off the coast of Cozumel

Cozumel Watersports


Cozumel, like Grand Cayman, are two of the most popular dive destinations in the world. Enjoy diving with certified SCUBA diver masters having 20 to 30 years of diving experience and a thorough knowledge of the local reef system. Some of the more frequently visited reefs are Palancar, Columbia, Tormentos, Santa Rosa Wall, Las Palmas Wall, Chankanaab, and Paradise reef. Dive profiles tend to last from 3 to 4 hours. Many dive boats are fast but the better experiences have maximum occupancy is 6. Larger groups usually require special arrangement for a larger boat. After boarding you will discuss the various options catered to your personal diving experience. The best dive masters will describe intimate details of each reef to optimize the dive profile.

The first reef will take you to a maximum depth commensurate with your individual experience. Consequently, mixed groups have mixed dive profiles. Your surface interval will be spent on a beach close to your second dive spot where you will enjoy soft drinks, water, fruits, and sandwiches at no extra charge (if you are familiar with Cozumel drift diving you will know that this is not always the case). Night dives are available too. Consider Cozumel Concierge (1-954-525-1539) as your dive connection. Cost starts at $80 per person. PADI Certified.


Breeze over the azure waters of the Caribbean sea and enjoy the curious fish and tropical sea life around you. Spend about 35 to 45 minutes at each reef. Visit reefs ranging from depths of 15-40 feet where you’ll see coral and many varieties of colorful tropical fish. If luck prevails, you’ll even an aquatic turtle. Those who prefer to stay in the vessel can still take in the marine life beauty by looking through the glass bottom of the boat! On snorkeling trips, purified water should be included, as the sun can quickly dehydrate you. Note, the snorkeling trip providers generally want 9-12 guests before they depart.

One provider offers a Catamaran Snorkel & Beach Party that, two margaritas in, is as good as its sounds. Drinks & food included. After viewing the many wonders of our magnificent coral reefs, enjoy your afternoon sunbathing and playing water sports. Maximum occupancy on this excursion is 60 patrons.

Water Toys & Parasailing

Starting on the north end of the leeward side of the island you will find the perfect spot to enjoy Cozumel parasailing. Paradise Beach boasts the largest fresh water pool of any beach club. See floaters, a water trampoline, Caribbean iceberg, and jet skiers. Paradise Beach is a great option for low intensity watersport fun. If you would like a birds eye view of the island, strap on a parasail at this beach as well.

Cozumel Deep Sea Fishing

See yourself catching a trophy fish on vacation? Waters off the coasts of Cozumel are some of the most fertile deep sea fishing areas in the world. Increase your chances of catching the big one with experienced deep sea fishing guides who know where the sweet spots are. It may surprise you that some of the best fishing areas lie in the calmer channel between Cozumel and mainland Mexico.

After ensuring that the boat includes an air-conditioned salon and clean bathroom, you will find that its comfortable for Half Day of fishing. If you pay the higher rates for Full Day, make sure that your boat has luxury features. Most boats includes 4 line and a down-rigger, beer, sodas, and lunch on-board. Boat sizes range from 30-45 feet. If you plan to fish on the Caribbean side of Cozumel, larger boats handle the higher waves better. Expect to pay $500-700 per 5 patrons on the boat.

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