Almost free child, Cozumel

Raymond Williams with an almost-free niece enjoying Cozumel; (c) Soul Of America


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If you are looking for a scenic, established Mexican beach resort that feels family-friendly and is a relatively short flight from America, Cozumel should be near the top of your list. Enjoy Eco-Travel and outstanding diving too? Want a Central Time Zone too? Look no further than the island of Cozumel, just a few miles off the Yucatan Peninsula coast.

The first Maya settled in here 2,000 years ago and life revolved around religious ceremonies. Cozumel became one of the most important sanctuaries in the Yucatan region. The Mayan words Cuzam (swallow) and Lumil (land of) form its early name Cuzamil (land of swallows) … More

Cozumel offers a variety of different beachfront adventures. Before you cruise, ferry or jet to this Mexican island. Consider what your ideal beach vacation should include, whether it be snorkeling, dabbling in shops, exploring local restaurants, poolside or beachside sunbathing … More

This island is one of the most popular dive destinations in the world. Enjoy world class diving with certified SCUBA diver masters who have a thorough knowledge of the local reef system. Some of the more frequently visited reefs are Palancar, Columbia, Tormentos, Santa Rosa Wall, Las Palmas Wall, Chankanaab, and Paradise Reef … More

Shop downtown in San Miguel, visit Villa Mar, or spend time with Dolphins, Parque Punta Sur, Celarain Lighthouse, Pirate Ship Adventure, Atlantis Submarine Ride, Private ATV & Jeep Excursions, whether here for 3 days or a week … More

Travel Tips
The major holidays in Cozumel are New Year’s Day, Constitution Day, Mexico’s National Flag Day, Good Friday, Easter, Cinco De Mayo, Independence Day, Day of the Race, Day of the Dead … More


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