The Founders of Los Angeles Marker, Barbados Beaches

Miami Beach, one of Barbados popular beaches

Barbados Beaches

East Coast favors huge Atlantic waves that crash along the shore, making these beaches better suited for walking and sunning. But there are a few good places to swim after the waves break over rocks and reefs into small natural swimming pools close to shore. Additionally, the “Soup Bowl” located at Bathsheba is the surfer’s choice and Cattlewash offers a breathtaking landscape. With the constant washing from the Atlantic, the East Coast is also good for beachcombing. Consider these beaches:

Ragged Point
Tent Bay

West Coast is renowned for crystal clear waters that gently massage its golden sands. A vacationer’s paradise, there are so may magnificent beaches that are perfect for swimming or sunbathing under a cabana. Consider these beaches:

Batts Rock Beach
Brownes Beach
Colony Club Beach
Freshwater Bay
Gibbes Beach
Heywoods Beach
Mullins Beach
Needhams Point
Paradise Beach
Reeds Bay
Sandy Lane Beach
Six Men’s Bay

South Coast is a mixture of the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean and yet calmer for swimming than the East or North Coasts. It offers something for everyone – family swimming, snorkeling over inshore reefs and tidal pools, windsurfing, and jet sky. There are plenty of beach chairs, umbrellas, kayaks, volleyball, ocean trampoline and slide, pedal boats, glass bottom boat, and snorkeling tours. Consider these beaches:

Bottom Bay
Crane Beach
Dover Beach
Golden Sands Beach
Miami Beach
Needhams Point
Rockley Beach
St. Lawrence Bay
Turtle Beach
Welches Beach
Worthing Beach

North Coast beaches are known for panoramic views that mesh waves and striking rock formations. Here you will find small coves and caves nestled among the rocky outcroppings. This part of the island is not recommended for swimming, but gorgeous sightseeing makes it well worth a visit. Consider these beaches:

River Bay
Little Bay
Cove Bay
Animal Flower Cave

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