Boogie boarding in the Soup Bowl of Barbados

Boogieboarding in the Soup Bowl of Barbados


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With a culture and dialect spawned from English, African and West Indian heritage, Barbados residents, also known as Bajans, love life and may surprise you with their charm. Locals will happily discuss the meaning of life with anyone.

Human history is being rewritten due to archaeological discoveries from 1623 BC unearthed at Port St. Charles.

Huge Atlantic waves crashing along the eastern shore make those beaches better suited for walking & sunning.

Andromeda Botanical Garden preserves the exotic flowers native to the island, not to mention fragrant scents.

Bajan Roots & Rhythm cabaret dinner show is beloved for having a true representation of local lifestyles.

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In the birthplace of rum and Rihanna, wedding planners do surprisingly brisk business.


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