Obama Inauguration

Obama Inauguration

Obama Inaugural Address in 2009

Obama Inauguration

The historic Obama Inauguration is worth capturing for many reasons. For African-Americans, his presidential achievement is also a matter of racial pride. For the nation as a whole, his presidency is an undeniable symbol of social progress in a morally flawed, oft-confused nation that has yet to live up to its ideals.

Bus Ride to Inauguration

Photos – Obamas Attend Prayer Breakfast

Photos – Tuskegee Airmen at Inauguration

Video – Aretha Franklin Sings at Inauguration

Video – Obama Sworn-In as President

CNN 3D Photo – The Moment Obama Became President

Video – President Obama’s Inaugural Address

Photos – People’s Reactions

Video – Congressional Luncheon Welcomes President Obama

Video – Obamas Parade Walk to Whitehouse

Video – Obamas and Beyonce at Neighborhood Ball

Photos – Celebrities at Inaugural Balls

Article – Black First Family Changes Everything

Photos – Inaugural West Party in San Francisco

Obama Photo Gallery

Obama’s Uplifting Journey

Obama Studies Plan to Run For President in 2008

Oprah Speaks at a UCLA Rally for Obama

Obama Yes We Can Speech

Obama’s Race and Politics Speech

 Never Could Have Made It

Obama Slideshow on Flickr

Obama Presidential Acceptance Speech

740+ Newspaper front pages on November 5, 2008

Giant Obama Face on Spanish Beach

Seal Sings A Change is Gonna Come

Photos – Obamas and Bidens at Lincoln Memorial

Video – Obama Lincoln Memorial Speech, January 18, 2009

Tours of the Whitehouse


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