St. Peter Claver Church, Tampa

St. Peter Claver Church, Tampa; (c) Soul Of America

Tampa Heritage Sites

Ybor City
DESCRIPTION: Step back in time in a Latin Quarter once called “The Cigar Capital of the World,” where 12,000 master tabaqueros once hand-rolled 700 million cigars a year; the cigar industry created a cultural collage where Spaniards, Italians, Jews, Germans, African Americans, Afro-Cubans and Spanish Cubans worked and socialized together prior to laws in 1904; many of the Ybor City social clubs still stand; the buildings were elegant testaments to the prosperity of the era with brick and stone edifices, marble columns, wrought iron balconies and grand stairways; today Ybor City attracts artists-in-residence, creating Bohemian atmosphere in this National Historic Landmark District.
ADDRESS: bounded by Nuccio Parkway, I-4 Freeway, North 26th Street and Adamo Drive MAP

La Union Marti-Maceo Building
DESCRIPTION: A modest white stucco building first opened to serve Afro-Cubans who were excluded from Cuban mutual aid societies when a Florida law passed in 1904; Cut off from the Spanish Cubans by state law and local customs Afro-Cubans formed La Union Marti-Maceo and built a two-story clubhouse with a theatre, dance hall, meeting rooms and steel-girded porch in 1908. In 1965 the Afro-Cuban club was demolished in the misguided name of Urban Renewal, but in the 1980s the club was relocated to a warehouse on 7th Ave and 14th Street in Ybor City National Historic District.
ADDRESS: 1226 East 7th Ave MAP

St. Peter Claver School
DESCRIPTION: Opened 1894 as a school for Black children. It is the oldest still functioning school of its type in the region.
ADDRESS: 1401 Governor Street MAP
PHONE: 813-224-0865

St. Paul AME Church
DESCRIPTION: Built between 1906 and 1917; civil rights leaders met here in the 1950s and 60s to organize marches, sit-ins and freedom rides; still a vibrant force for good in the community.
ADDRESS: 506 East Harrison Street, Tampa, FL MAP
PHONE: 813-223-9753

Mount Zion AME Church
DESCRIPTION: Aside from tending to the needs of the immediate community, this church is the annual host to nine Black Greek organizations at Greek Day.
ADDRESS: 7401 Kissimmee Street, Tampa, FL MAP
PHONE: 813-837-0129

Beulah Baptist Institutional Church
DESCRIPTION: Founded in 1865 when a group of Negroes recently freed from slavery, withdrew from First Baptist Church of Tampa to organize their own church. Today, it remains a dynamic church in the community.
ADDRESS: 1006 Cypress Street, Tampa, FL MAP
PHONE: 813-251-3382

The Anointed Eye News
Serving the Christian community of Manatee-Sarasota-Pinellas Counties; Palmetto, FL
PHONE: 888-990-1490 or 941-722-0449

Florida Sentinel Bulletin
Weekly Black newspaper; 2207 21st Avenue, Tampa, FL
PHONE: 813-248-1921

Tampa-Hillsborough NAACP
308 East Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd, Suite C, Tampa, FL
PHONE: 813-234-8683

Tampa Urban League
1405 Tampa Park Plaza, Tampa, FL
PHONE: 813-229-8117

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