San Diego Heritage Sites

San Diego heritage for African-Americans began in the late 1900s and is still evolving today. A number of historic sites remain downtown, while much of the black community lies west of downtown, particularly the churches and cultural center. Julian, a town from the Gold Rush days, is also embedded with black history.

Hotel Douglas Historic Site
DESCRIPTION: George Ramsey built a hotel primarily for African Americans here in 1924; it was known throughout town for some of the best entertainment; unfortunately it was demolished in 1984 without leaving a historic marker
ADDRESS: 206 Market Street, San Diego, CA MAP

Harlem of the West Sites
DESCRIPTION: San Diego had a large collection of Black businesses in this area at the beginning of the 20th century; Clermont Hotel, Ideal Hotel, Harlem Locker Club, Lillian and Ocie Grant House, Grant Courts, Grant Lodge, Simmons Hotel, and Bon Ton Restaurant all have interesting histories
ADDRESS: Gaslamp Quarter, San Diego, CA MAP

Historic Juke Joint Cafe
DESCRIPTION: Trey Brady, a former Hewlett Packard Company manager, opened premier jazz restaurant destination in town in the late 1990s; this visionary saw the rebirth of the Gaslamp District, but was forced to close by owners who sold the land for a major complex; when it was open Juke Joint served jambalaya, Moody’s Meatloaf, Big Daddy’s Catfish, The Color Purple Eggplant, Sarah Vaughn’s Fried Prawns with an engaging variety of jazz, blues and R&B
ADDRESS: 327 4th Avenue, San Diego, CA MAP

Bethel AME Church
DESCRIPTION: This congregation was founded by Solomon Johnson in 1897 and still one of the most popular Black churches in San Diego
ADDRESS: 3085 K Street, San Diego, CA MAP
PHONE: 619-232-0510

Bayview Baptist Church
DESCRIPTION: Founded in 1963, by Rev. C. Johnson, it remains a fast growing congregation with a number of outreach ministries
SUNDAY WORSHIP: 7:45a & 11a
ADDRESS: 6126 Bensen Avenue, San Diego, CA MAP
PHONE: 619-262-8384

San Diego Voice & Viewpoint
DESCRIPTION: Dr. John E Warren publishes this weekly newspaper coverage of hard issues while tracking community events with equal vigor; the building is also home to the Black Chamber of Commerce.
ADDRESS: 1729 Euclid Avenue, San Diego, CA
PHONE: 619-266-2233

St. Stephen’s Church of God in Christ
DESCRIPTION: A highly involved community church with feed the hungry programs, new housing the elderly and a Rescue Mission
SUNDAY WORSHIP: 8a, 12a & 6p
ADDRESS: 5825 Imperial Avenue, San Diego, CA MAP
PHONE: 619-262-2671

Pilgrim Progressive Baptist Church
DESCRIPTION: Founded in 1960 by Rev. Marvin C. Hines, this progressive congregation continues to attract mostly younger followers
SUNDAY WORSHIP: 8a & 11:15a
ADDRESS: 4995 A Street, San Diego, CA MAP
PHONE: 619-264-3369

Prince Chapel by the Sea AME Church
DESCRIPTION: A church on the move with radio ministry and website
ADDRESS: 7517 Cuvier Street, San Diego, CA MAP
PHONE: 619-286-8887

St. Paul United Methodist Church
DESCRIPTION: prominent UM church with a notable black congregation
ADDRESS: 3094 L Street, San Diego, CA MAP
PHONE: 619-232-5683

St. Rita’s Catholic Church
DESCRIPTION: San Diego’s largest black Catholic congregation
SUNDAY WORSHIP: 7:30a, 9:30a, 11:30a & 6:30p
ADDRESS: 5124 Churchward Street, San Diego, CA MAP
PHONE: 619-264-3165

Nu-Way Christian Ministries
DESCRIPTION: An innovative non-denominational church on the rise
ADDRESS: 4166 National Avenue, San Diego, CA MAP
PHONE: 619-262-0500

Town of Julian
DESCRIPTION: Gold Rush town where many African Americans lived during the 1800s; Coleman River is named after Fred Coleman, an African American that discovered gold in the town
PHONE: 760-765-1857

Julian Hotel
DESCRIPTION: Formerly named Hotel Robinson, it was founded by African American couple, Margaret and Albert Robinson in 1887 and operated for 28 years until Albert’s death; listed in National Register of Historic Places as the oldest continuously operated hotel in Southern California
ADDRESS: 2032 Main Street, Julian, CA MAP
PHONE: 760-765-1857

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