St. Paul AME Church, Raleigh Places of Worship

St. Paul AME Church, Raleigh

Raleigh Places of Worship

St. Augustine’s College Chapel
DESCRIPTION: One of the earliest remaining buildings on the St. Augustine’s campus erected in 1895. This Norman Gothic style chapel was made possible through the acquisition of Welcome Plantation by the Freedmen’s Bureau for education of black teachers. Students built the irregular T-shaped chapel of native granite under the direction of Rev. Henry Beard Delany. The chapel is home to the bishop’s chair, a memorial to Delany, the first black bishop elected to the Episcopal Church and the first bishop to graduate from this college.
SUNDAY WORSHIP: Sun 11a chapel service
ADDRESS: 1315 Oakwood Avenue, Raleigh, NC MAP
PHONE: 919-516-4189

St. Paul AME Church
DESCRIPTION: An example of Victorian Gothic Revival architecture, the church was established in 1849 when members withdrew from Edenton Street Methodist Church to form the first separate black congregation in Raleigh. In 1865, this church site hosted the first convention of freedmen in North Carolina. Although the oldest black church congregation in Wake County, the current edifice was completed in 1910 on the site of two previous church buildings. The steeple was added in 1985. It is on the National Register of Historic Places.
SUNDAY WORSHIP: Sunday worship 8a & 11a
ADDRESS: 402 West Edenton Street, Raleigh, NC MAP
PHONE: 919-832-2709

First Baptist Church
DESCRIPTION: In 1812, black members of the North Salisbury Street First Baptist Church established as a biracial congregation. In 1868, they requested separation to form their own church and asked for the present lot in the 1870s. Rev. C. E Ward played a prominent role during Civil Rights Movement with sermons and helping to organize rallies at the church. Rev. Ward also attended school with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
ADDRESS: 101 South Wilmington Street, Raleigh, NC MAP
PHONE: 919-832-1649

Davie Street Presbyterian Church
DESCRIPTION: Originally a mission to teach former slave children, it became a school in 1872. Church architecture is distinguished by its tower and slate roof. The present church was remodeled and enlarged in the 1920s as its congregation grew.
ADDRESS: 300 East Davie Street, Raleigh, NC MAP
PHONE: 919-834-8855

United House of Prayer For All People
DESCRIPTION: Raleigh branch of the UHPFAP congregation.
SUNDAY WORSHIP: 6a, 12p & 7:30p
ADDRESS: 409 East South Street, Raleigh, NC MAP
PHONE: 919-828-5492

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