Phoenix Black Theatre Troupe performing Simply Simone

Phoenix Black Theatre Troupe performing Simply Simone


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Black culture in the Phoenix, Valley of the Sun? The answer is “Yes, in small doses.” in this fast-growing city the job scene is excellent too.

In 1868, the first Black resident arrived after the Civil War.

Cultural Sites
See Black plays and professional dances in Valley of the Sun.

Barbcue and Soul Food anyone?

Shops & Galleries
A few survived after the pandemic, but more are coming.

Heritage Sites
Sigificant Black curches remind you of our enduring presence

The acclaimed Heard Museum is a great introduction to cultures and art of Native Americans

Family Attractions
Arizona Science Center is an architecturally distinct venue and remarkable attraction.

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General Attractions
Most attractions hinge around downtown in this desert city.

Trivia & Famous Residents
A number of prominent Blacks migrated here.


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