Couple walking Natchez Bluff Trail

Couple walking the Natchez Bluff Trail; credit Visit Natchez


Natchez, Mississippi is your weekend getaway for fun, socially distant activities to get you out of the house and into something new. Visit for riverfront views, Soul Food, nightlife, and Southern hospitality.

High on the banks of the majestic Mississippi River and tucked in the southwestern corner of Mississippi, Natchez offers visitors a captivating experience of old and new. Dive into delicious cuisine and gaze at dazzling sunsets over the Mississippi River. And you know, Mississippi is changing.

Confederate flags have been removed from the state flag. You might be surprised at how cosmopolitan Natchez has become. Brewpubs, cafes, and nightclubs abound. Everyone can enjoy vibrant nightlife and groove to live music as you uncover fascinating history, entertaining events, and architectural wonders all in a place where everything is a short walk or drive away.

Although Natchez is most famous for its historic mansions and cotton aristocracy, neither the opulent culture nor the slave-based economic system that built and supported it would have been possible without the city’s large black population.

This guide includes a peek into the heritage and current attractions of the Natchez African-American community from legacy to present. Start with two inviting innkeepers.

Concord Quarters is a black-owned Bed & Breakfast your family will love. It features beautiful massive oaks, garden areas, and magnolias that make this a magnificent place. Nestled in a community rich in culture north of the city and only five minutes from downtown, Concord Quarters offers two spacious guest room suites, each with a private bath and located on the second floor.

All of the rooms open onto the broad gallery supported by giant order columns. Guests will enjoy a full southern breakfast each morning.

The Camp burger & beer, Natchez

The famous burger & beer at The Camp in Natchez; credit Visit Natchez

Natchez Manor is another black-owned Bed & Breakfast. It lets you explore Natchez from the heart of the city. This boutique hotel-style B&B has everything you need for a great, socially-distanced getaway. From the rooftop bar to curated live music, delicious food, and comfortable living spaces, Natchez Manor is a wonderful way to tame cabin fever while experiencing Natchez.

Natchez is well known for its Soul Food and one southern classic in particular, Natchez Heritage School of Cooking. Three generations of Natchez women share African American recipes and lessons. Taste remarkable African heritage traditions as you learn the stories of the African people whose descendants continue to live in Natchez.

While NX Level Cooking brings a new flare to BBQ, as a Best BBQ nominee in Natchez, it also serves BBQ with almost anything. That includes cajun rice, baked beans, and potato salad. NX Level also serves appetizing wings and mouth-watering cheeseburgers that may have you taking some to go as well.

For group dinners, head Under the Hill to The Camp and Magnolia Grill. Both spots offer spectacular views of the Mississippi River and cuisine as good as you’d find further South in New Orleans. Fried Green Tomatoes are a must at Magnolia Grill, and the Slow Burn Burger is a town favorite at The Camp.

There is so much more to experience. But first, remember that Natchez is dedicated to following CDC guidelines and statewide mandates to prevent the spread of COVID-19. It cares about the community, its tourism workers, and visitors. #VisitNatchezResponsibly. Plan your trip today at until America is vaccinated. The website features many other tips and resources too.


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