Louisville Cultural Sites

Kentucky Center for African-American Heritage, Louisville

Louisville Cultural Sites

Muhammad Ali Center

Kentucky Center for African-American Heritage
DESCRIPTION: Opened March 2010 with the Tutankhamun exhibit, there may be no more fitting location for African-American history in Kentucky than the cluster of buildings at Muhammad Ali Boulevard and 18th Street. Beginning in the 1870s, the site for this center was an essential part of the development of Louisville’s public transportation — for decades the city’s streetcars and buses, were repaired and stored here where Black and White men often worked side by side. In Louisville, as in other American cities, streetcars played a pivotal role in early demonstrations against racial discrimination the complex also sits in the heart of the Historically Black “Russell District” named for Harvey Clarence Russell, a distinguished Black educator who lived here in the 1920’s. major exhibits are One More River to Cross. Life, Liberty and Property; A Nation Divided – Kentucky Divided. Visions of a Golden Shore; Rebirth of a Nation: Shattered Promises; Tides of Prosperity; River of Resistance; Still, One More River to Cross. See them in the Triumph Gallery.
ADMISSION: Adults $5, Students w/ID and Age 65+ $3
DAYS & HOURS: Mon-Fri 9a-5p, Tue-Sat 10-5p when they have major exhibits
ADDRESS: 1701 West Muhammad Ali Blvd, Louisville, KY MAP
PARKING: on premises and street
PHONE: 502-583-4100
WEBSITE: https://kcaah.org

Simmons Bible College
DESCRIPTION: An HBCU, this institute for the higher education of young African American men was established in 1879 in Frankfort. Due to financial problems, the school moved to Eighteenth and Dumesnil Streets in 1931. The campus was purchased by the University of Louisville to serve as the home of the Municipal College for Negroes until 1951, and it is now owned by the St. Stephen Baptist Church.
ADDRESS: 1811 Dumesnil Street, Louisville, KY MAP
PARKING: on premises
PHONE: 502-776-1443
WEBSITE: http://www.sbcollege.edu

Juneteenth Legacy Theatre
DESCRIPTION: Kentucky’s only professional African American theatre company was founded by Lorna Littleway. Each June they present the “Juneteenth Jamboree of New Plays” hosted by Actor’s Theatre, which celebrates African American independence and the legacy of that experience through a series of staged readings by emerging and established playwrights over three weekends. The Jamboree also features new plays by Kentucky writers, staged readings by emerging and established playwrights, and DARASA — Swahili for “celebration” — a traditional Juneteenth feast at Actors Theatre.
ADMISSION: varies by performance
DAYS & HOURS: varies by venue
ADDRESS: 316 West Main Street, Louisville, KY MAP
PHONE: 502-636-4200
WEBSITE: http://www.juneteenthlegacytheatre.com


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