Las Vegas Strip Show Reviews

Las Vegas Strip Show Reviews

Michael Jackson ONE
With the show creators sparkling backgrounds and many of the world’s best acrobats and dancers, Michael Jackson ONE almost takes Las Vegas musical entertainment to another level. Of course, his incredible body of work … More

The Beatles’ LOVE
LOVE takes audiences on a passionate, iconic journey of the Beatles music from the 1960s and 70s. Like those halcyon days, at least for those of us born in the 1950s or earlier, this nostalgic journey is treat … More

Mystère takes audiences on an Alice and Wonderland-like journey, where the end seems like the beginning. The first Cirque du Soleil show on The Strip, it has been refreshed with new acts, but the same stunning color palette … More

In the theater of the mind, O percolates with daring imagination and refined technical accomplishment. From the moment the lights dim, you are hypnotized like a 4-year old listening to a bedtime story. O compels you … More

Darkest of all Cirque du Soleil shows in Las Vegas, Ka (pronounced “caw”) is an unprecedented ballet of movement more than words. But don’t confuse Ka with a ballet you see in New York or Paris. It is radically beyond them … More

Filled with aerial acrobatics, contortionists, comedic gags and naughty flirtations, Zumanity forces you to leave prudishness at the door. And Single Sistahs will want a bite of the Cuban Candy Bar before the door … More

Clint Holmes: Between The Lines
CLOSED: Many artists profess the excitement of small theater shows. But few master the art of small theater entertainment. Inspired by the legendary Harry Belafonte, Clint Holmes has also mastered the art of small theater … More

Chris Angel Believe show has Closed.

Le Reve
Having created Mystere, O and Celine Dion’s New Day, Franco Dragone had a wide reservoir of inspiration to create his latest masterpiece in the fine art of escapism, Le Reve. As soon as the lights dim, you enter … More

George Wallace Show
CLOSED: George Wallace demands his props from the moment a hulking voice announces his uncensored presence on stage. Witty, taut, rapid-fire and full of adult-only entertainment value for about one hour and fifteen minutes … More

Legends In Concert
This celebrity impersonation show is neither over-the-top, nor boring. Instead, it finds a happy medium as a choice Las Vegas variety show. Perhaps that is the reason it’s the longest running show of its kind in … More

David Copperfield
For making the Statue of Liberty vanish while surrounded by spectators, walking through the Great Wall of China, escaping the center ring of a 2000 degree Tornado of Fire and many other stupendous acts … More

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