Professional brother walking in the Loop District, Chicago

Professional brother walking in the Loop District, Chicago


Chicago essentially started with a black fur trader along the Chicago River. Today, its skyline is designed by the world’s greatest architects

The area was named “Chicakgou” by nomadic Pottawattomie Indians

Cultural Sites
Obama Presidential Center is coming to the Southside

Restaurants & Nightclubs
A lot has changed post-pandemic

Innkeeper & Spas
Refresh and renew with several sista options

Shops & Galleries
Gallery Guichard still holding it down

Family Attractions
The Navy Pier and several world-class museums & zoos are outstanding

General Attractions
The City of Broad Shoulders does not disappoint.

Historic Sites
Du Sable Homesite, Johnson Publishing, Vee-Jay Records Building & more

Gospel Music
Chi-town is one of two Gospel capitals in America

Musicians performing in Bronzeville

Performance at a Bronzeville restaurant & nightclub; (c) Soul Of America

The Heart of Black Chicago

The Arts
Chicago art museums have a lot to boast about

Civil Rights Movement
Rev. Jesse Jackson and Operation PUSH helped uplift a nation

From Muddy Waters to Buddy Guy it’s a Blues thang.

Places of Worship
Visit the church of Gospel-great Thomas A. Dorsey and more

Soul Music
You can’t mention Soul Music without Sam Cooke who inspired so many others with his vocals

Black Publishers
Chicago’s contribution to Black-Owned Media is national and local

Trivia & Famous Residents
Michael Jordan is forever linked with the City of Broad Shoulders

Day trip to the Illinois state capital


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    I am interested in taking a tour with your company, on February 15, probably afternoon. How late do you schedule tours? What will it cover? And how much will it cost?

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