Brooklyn & Queens

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Brooklyn & Queens


Brooklyn & Queens have a diverse mix of cultures, including Africana restaurants, Bogalon Merchants on Fulton Street and Spike Lee’s movie production company. Numerous cultural sites, museums, sports teams, venues and parks dot the landscape. A new basketball arena, baseball park, art museum, Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge, Flushing Meadows-Corona Park and Jamaica Center for Arts round out the scenery.

Brooklyn & Queens History
African Americans, beginning as servants and freemen, settle here when the county was founded in 1683. Today, an estimated one out of seven Americans trace their roots to Brooklyn … More

Brooklyn Shops and Galleries
The casual visitor, may be unawares, but should also make time for a visit to Brooklyn and Queens for boutique and gallery shopping … More

Brooklyn & Queens Cultural Sites
Though lesser known in the metro area, Brooklyn and Queens make noble contributions to the Black Cultural collection … More

Brooklyn Restaurants and Nightclubs
Its more than pleasant to see the number of black-owned establishments increasing in in the Bogolon District of Brooklyn … More

Heritage Sites
A free African American community, Weeksville, was founded here in 1827 shortly after the abolition of slavery in New York. Now a National Historic Landmark … More

Although most of its grandeur has faded, Coney Island is like a cherished institution with great ocean views and family value … More

Brooklyn Spas and Innkeepers
Akwaaba Mansion Bed & Breakfast, De Lux Gallery and Cynergy Spa lead the way to restored buildings into black-owned spas and bed & breakfasts … More



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