Passion & Purpose Civil Rights Activist, Baltimore

Passion & Purpose Civil Rights Activist exhibition mural at the Maryland Center for History & Culture


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Baltimore is a multi-layered city of old and modern charms. Most visits start with the promenade of Inner Harbor attractions and restaurants sporting sumptuous Maryland Crabs. A tapestry of inviting communities extend in all directions from there. Most visitors are familiar with Fort McHenry where the Star Spangled Banner national anthem was written. Others who’ve seen Baltimore on TV shows will recognize the 18th century port district of Fells Point. Some also make their way to Mount Vernon District, the home of most art venues in Baltimore, large and small.

We like those attractions too. But we believe that every visit should also deep-dive into the city’s two black colleges, black churches, restaurants, nightclubs, shops, cultural institutions, historic sites and events. In fact, the city has 5 major black museums to visit if time permits.


Cultural Sites

Restaurants & Nightclubs

Historic Sites

General Attractions

Family Attractions

Baltimore’s Enchanting & Woke Museums


Pennsylvania Avenue

Black Theatre & Howard Rollins

A Civil Rights Hoax Gone Good

Frederick Douglass in Maryland

Places of Worship

Fell’s Point


Oprah Winfrey’s Baltimore Milestone

Shops & Galleries

Innkeeper & Spas

More Maryland Attractions

Maryland Crabs

Trivia & Famous Residents



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