Grand Turk Transportation

Princess cruise ship docked in Grand Turk; (c) Soul Of America

Grand Turk Transportation

JAGS McCartney International Airport
DESCRIPTION: The only airport on the island features one runway and one terminal is named after James Alexander George Smith McCartney, who was Turks & Caicos’ first Chief Minister and first national hero. The airport handles planes as large as a Boeing 757 and Airbus A321. It is the second largest airport in the Turks & Caicos, after Providenciales International Airport. Just outside of JAGS McCartney Airport (MBGT) you will find a replica of the Friendship 7 space capsule used by astronaut John Glenn when he splashed down here in 1962. There is also a unique John Glenn Exhibit located at the Grand Turk Cruise Center.
PHONE: 649-946-2137

Grand Turk Cruise Center
DESCRIPTION: Unlike most other cruises centers that reside in deeper ports, this one has direct beachfront access, landscaped acres, convenient changing rooms, showers and lockers for cruise line guests; visitors can swim in warm clear ocean water or one of the largest pools in the Caribbean.

Tour with Ms Patsy

Lysa Allman-Baldwin on tour with Ms Patsy on Grand Turk; (c) Soul Of America

Patsy of Patsy’s Taxi & Tour Services
DESCRIPTION: For a special personal touch, take a tour with this long-time island resident, Patsy for a treasure trove of information. She will regal you along the way with the history of the island, point out noteworthy stops and give the background on structures and families, giving insight into the year-round denizens who have fallen in love with the island and built vacation homes here. Remember to have Patsy show you the baptismal inside of St. Mary’s Pro-Cathedral Anglican Episcopal Church and her special connection with it.
PHONE: 649-341-1504 or 649-241-6713

Grand Turk Taxi Association
The island is laid out in four north to south zones A, B, C and D where you pay about $10 depending on how many zones you travel through. Contact you hotel concierge to book a taxi.

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