St. Croix Eco-Travel

Lengthy mountains for hiking in St. Croix; credit USVI Tourism

St. Croix Eco-Travel

The largest of the U.S. Virgin Islands, St. Croix has tremendous natural scenery to be explored. It used to be nicknamed the ‘Garden of the Antilles’ because of its lush fields of sugarcane —- and its sugar mills dating back to the 18th century are still popular spots.

Buck Island Reef National Monument
As St. Croix’s only underwater national park, it encompasses 176 acres above and below the water. It was established a National Monument in 1961, and grew into one of the finest marine gardens in the Caribbean. Above the water, Buck Island offers a hike along a nature trail to the highest peak for a breathtaking view. You can also stroll along the soft, white sand of Turtle Beach, who pristine condition makes it a popular filming location. Below the water, native marine flora, vibrant coral reefs, playful fish, friendly rays and the occasional hawksbill turtle saunter by your view. Buck Island is home to an underwater trail off the east end of the island that is accessible mostly by full or half day snorkeling tours. Signs have been mounted underwater to indicate interesting structures, marine life habitats, and commonly seen fish species. Buck Island is accessible by boat only. There is no fee to access the island on a private boat, however fees do vary for full or half day snorkeling excursions depending on the tour operator.

Salt River Bay National Historic Park and Ecological Preserve
This 1,015 acre park managed by the National Park Service, includes a prehistoric archaeological site, a visitors center, huge mangrove forests, a bioluminescent bay, and coral reefs. Salt River is also known as Columbus Landing since Christopher Columbus landed at this spot in America in 1493. Columbus encountered the an angry Carib Indian tribe, which led to the first documented conflict between Native Americans protecting their land from Europeans. Some believe that Columbus only sent out a search party to explore the land. Artifact evidence and early historical accounts indicate that the area was inhabited by three major pottery-making cultures found in the Virgin Islands in prehistoric times (Igneri, 50-650 AD; Taino, 650-1450 AD; and Kalina or Carib, 1425-1590 AD) and was a major religious and cultural center. Salt River is no longer a fresh water supply. But is now a tropical ecosystem for threatened and endangered species in one of the largest mangrove forests in the Virgin Islands. It is also home to one of only 7 year-round bioluminescent bays on Earth. Admission is free.
ADDRESS: North Shore
PHONE: 340-773-1460

Caribbean Adventure Tours
PHONE: 340-778-1522

BushTribe EcoAdventures
They offer guided hiking and kayak tours across the island. Knowledgeable guides share information about St. Croix vegetation, wildlife, and history. They offer hiking tours to the Annaly Bay Tide Pools, Hamm’s Bluff Lighthouse, and Jack & Isaac’s Bay. Their kayak tours explore Salt River Bay in the morning or under the moonlight. Tours of the Bioluminescent Bay offered as well.
ADDRESS: Salt River Marina, Christiansted,
PHONE: 340-277-2503

Virgin Kayak Tours
Jill & Bryan Updyke sharing the ecology and history of St. Croix with visitors in joyful ways. Intrepid explorers, they also have a passion for sharing their knowledge of Pre-Columbian art, history and lifestyles of ancients who lived before us on the island. They offer guided tours of Salt River Bay, Moonlight and Bioluminescent Bay tours and Women’s SUP tours. They also offer Hobie kayak rentals and sales.
ADDRESS: Salt River Marina, Christiansted
PHONE: 340-514-0062

Sea Thru Kayaks VI
Explore the Salt River bioluminescent bay in a “glass” kayak that you can see right through. Tours go out on the darkest nights of the month.
ADDRESS: Salt River Marina, Christiansted
PHONE: 340-244-8696

Cruzan Cowgirls Horse Rescue and Riding Tours
A small family-owned business that offers horseback riding tours in St Croix. Their goal is to share the beauty, culture, and history that is unique to St Croix’s West End on horseback. Tours typically depart from the parking lot at Rainbow Beach.
ADDRESS: Rainbow Beach, St. Croix
PHONE: 340-690-7433

Island Flight Adventures
PHONE: 340-778-7541

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