International Airport of Salvador Transportation

International Airport of Salvador; credit ME-Portal da Copa

Salvador da Bahia Transportation


International Airport of Salvador (SSA) is a regional-size airport. US. and Canda flights to Brazil go to Sao Paulo or Rio de Janeiro from Miami, Atlanta, NYC, Dallas, Houston, and Toronto. Men with long legs should request an exit row seat for more legroom in the long portion of flights.

Travelers must transfer to these airlines serving SSA Airport: GOL, LATAM, TAP Air Portugal, and Azul. Allow plenty of time for your airport transfer in case of a weather delay.

Flight To Sao Paulo or Rio, then to Salvador da Bahia

• Confirm your flight at least 48 hours in advance.
• Check the luggage policy for your airline.
• Make a copy of your passport/flight itinerary/hotel reservations and leave it with someone at home. Carry an extra copy with you.
• Pack headache, airborne and other medicines in your hand luggage.
• If you have a cold or have problems with air pressure, purchase the special ear plugs for air pressure available at most airports or large pharmacies.
• Bring an eye patch for sleeping.
• Bring plenty of magazines, books, and an extra battery for your laptop or smartphone
• Most flights leave from Miami, New York, Atlanta, and Houston. Allow plenty of time for your transfer, in case of delay.
• Bring plenty of anti-bacterial wipes
• Before leaving the U.S., find out if your health insurance covers an unexpected visit to the doctor in Brazil and the locations of the hospitals covered by your health insurance.

Airport signage is labeled in Portuguese and mostly co-labeled in English. With your phrasebook or smartphone translate app, but don’t be afraid to ask for help from an airport official.

Taxis and Uber are available at the airport. Taxi drivers are known to be friendly, and some will try to speak English. But always thank them with “Obrigado”, a smile, and a tip.

Brazil follows all the necessary health requirements to keep tourists safe. The Ministry of Tourism has a program called the “Responsible Tourism Seal”, which establishes good hygiene practices for all the different segments of the tourism sector.

Rapid Transit

CCR Metro Bahia system that is still expanding. Pre-pandemic, this busy Metro system attracted nearly 400,000+ daily riders on only 2 lines to its 20 stations.

There are CCR Metro assistants in the large stations to help you navigate the system. All signs include English and Portuguese. With your ticket in hand, just go to one of the turnstiles to board. Getting to the platform, read the signs that indicate the direction of the trains and check which side you should be, on the right or left.

Wait for the Metro train to arrive. Only cross the yellow line after the train doors open. Metro Trains operate from 5 am to Midnight.

Travelzilla has an interesting video (below) showing the free 7-10-minute shuttle ride to Metro Aeroporto Station Line 2. At the 11th stop, you will switch to Metro Line 1 at Acesso Norte Station to reach Lapa Station in central Salvador. From there, its an inexpensive Taxi or Uber ride to most hotels.

The Metro fare is Real$ 4,10 is roughly equal to $0.70. To include a transfer upgrade from Metro to urban buses the fare is Real$ 4,90. The Metro card can be recharged in ATMs in Metro stations using cash or Visa, Mastercard and Elo debit cards, or in ticket offices, but only in cash.

Metro has 8 bus terminals interconnecting with the Metro Rail system. Transfer from Metro to metropolitan buses up to 2 hours after ticket purchase.

A Monorail is under construction along the waterfront extending from southeast to nothwest. Metro Rail will eventually connect to it. That will give you more low-cost options to explore the city.

Cruise Port

The Port of Salvador receives cruise ships from several countries around the world. Please check with the operating companies. See their website at Cruise ship lines are AIDA, Azamara, Carnival, Holland-America, Norweigian, MSC Cruises, Celebrity, Costa Cruises, Disney and Cunard.

Bahia Tours in Salvador

Bahia Tours in Salvador; credit Brazil Tourism

Afrocentric Tour

PHONE: O11-55-71-9912 3012 or 3491 2030

PHONE/FAX: 011-55-71-3264-1065


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