Beach Volleyball, Ocho Rios Beaches

There’s nothing like Beach Volleyball in Ocho Rios; credit Jamaica Tourism Board

Ocho Rios Beaches

“Ochi,” as it’s called, is quieter than Montego Bay, though not as relaxed as Negril. And unlike other resort towns in Jamaica, the beaches here are not the focal point. But the beaches here are charming and photogenic enough to appear in James Bond movies. Some also serve jerk chicken and cocktails to your lounge chair.

Ocho Rios Bay Beach
If arriving via cruise ship, you’re only a hop & skip from this beach. The beach has calm water and is secure for families. Swimmers and sunbathers will like the silky white sand and water clear you’ll see schools of little fish swimming around from the shore. Most water is 1-3 feet deep, so visitors often sit in it. At the same time, see gargantuan cruise ships at the cruise port or look outwards at the Caribbean Sea. There are showers before and after entering the beach.

Beach at Dunns River Falls
People first think of Dunn’s River Falls, but often ignore this beach that sits at the bottom, where it meets the Caribbean Sea. After the small entrance fee, the beach is good for introductory snorkeling with colorful reefs. If a cruise ship recently docked, expect a sudden mob of tourists. The cruise port is only a 5-minute drive away. Otherwise, you’ll relish the beach view, snorkeling, and cascading waterfalls all within a short walk of each other.

Mahogany Beach
Only 5-minutes east of the Ocho Rios Cruise Port, this tourist-only beach features shallow, calm waters that are perfect for kids’ play. You can also take catamaran cruises from this beach. Check the cruise vendors’ reviews before you book though.

Pearly Beach/Crab Key Beach
Another clean white sand beach with crystal clear water. It also has shower & restroom facilities as well as toilets. Common to nearby beaches, the beach water is shallow and appeals to all ages. It visiting bring you own food and water or better yet, jump at the change your tour operator wants to bring you. Crab Key Beach is next to Pearly Beach and was another site for the first James Bond movie, Dr. No. Bond fans rarely miss the opportunity to visit and photograph this site.

Bamboo Beach Club
It’s a private, secure beach just a few miles west of Ocho Rios Cruise Port. On the way, there’s a little craft market best visited after your beach stay. The sand has a gritty feel but still feels good to walk barefoot on. The water is crystal clear and the waves are pretty calm, but there’s no reef blocking an occasionally large ocean current on some days. It’s that relaxing oasis where you can kick your shoes off and just enjoy music, good vibes, and great Jamaican food at the beach. When you arrive, a waitress takes your orders and delivers them to your lounge chair for a charge. There’s also an all-inclusive package if you prefer. A DJ plays PG-rated Reggae music in parts of the day — a nice touch.

Pleasure Cove
Located next door to Couples San Souci in Ocho Rios, this picture-perfect beach has no entry charge, yet feels secluded. The beach restaurant features freshly caught & well-seasoned fish. It’s another shallow beach frequented by locals. The water is calm so it’s a great beach for kids and non-swimmers. There’s an almond tree that’s for shade and lounge chairs always seem available during the week.

James Bond Beach
It’s a 20-minute drive east of Ocho Rios in a small town called Oracabessa. It’s named in honor of the “James Bond” novelist, Ian Fleming, who wrote 14 of his 007 spy-thrillers at his secluded hideaway nearby. Wear water shows and be careful descending steps to the beach. The beach sandy section is rather small & narrow. It bumps against beachside foliage. This cove has very calm water with few waves. This beach is not for large crowds, but you will often see a few local youths playing soccer, sometimes with Reggae music in the background. Older locals play dominoes and retread stories about their fishing tales. Rounding out activities, their beach bar serves great cocktails and Jamaican food that gives it an authentic local vibe.

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