Lenny Dorsey on the Malecon in Havana, Cuba

Lenny Dorsey on the Malecon in Havana, Cuba; (c) Soul Of America


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US City Seperator

Cuba is a mysterious, large, soulful and charming country. Most of that mystery is due to U.S. embargo of Cuban trade since 1959. Though President Obama lifted some embargo constraints against Cuba, others remain and may shift under the current administration. If you can, visit soon.

In 1959, Fidel Castro ascended to power in Cuba with a communist dictatorship government. Most Cuban business owners left the country because their businesses would be seized and freedoms limited by the communist dictatorship. Castro’s Cuba represented Russia’s only … More

Cuban Salsa
In the 1970s, a popular Cuban dance known as Casino was marketed abroad as Cuban Salsa or Salsa Cubana to distinguish it from other salsa styles. Since Cubans consider Casino a part of their culture, if you’re gonna Salsa in Cuba, you better bring it … More

The 10 million residents are a diverse and colorful amalgamation of Taino Indians, Spanish, Africans, French and Haitians, all of whom alternately occupied and ruled the island for decades, except for the Africans … More

Located along the southeastern coast of the island and encompassing the Saona and Catalina islands, Casa de Campo, Bayahibe, Altos de Chavón and Dominicus, La Romana is breathtaking … More

I was sitting with my Australian friends at a sidewalk table in front of the Café Teatro Terry on the north end of Parque Martí in Cienfuegos, Cuba when I felt a light touch on my arm. I turned to see an adorable brown girl dressed … More

Called the City of Bridges, for 17 bridges that traverse three rivers in the city, Matanzas has an alluring mix of beachfront, historic sites and culture gave birth to the Cuban music and dance traditions of Danzón and Rumba … More

Travel Tips
Currency is the Cuban peso, it is against the law to accept U.S. Currency. Credit cards are accepted, if they are not issued by an American bank. Observe the U.S. government restrictions when using U.S. dollars and credit cards, even when you travel from another nation to get here … More


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