Costa Rica

Friends at Davia Waterfall, Costa Rica

Friends at Davia Waterfall, Costa Rica; (c) Soul Of America

Costa Rica

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If you are looking for a destination that’s famous for geographical variety, verdant landscapes, biodiversity and eco-travel opportunities, Costa Rica should rank high on your bucket list. This Central America destination also has the benefit of two coastlines for added beach and water sport activities.

Costa Rica was run by indigenous peoples before Spanish conquistadors arrived in the 16th century. It remained a colony of the Spanish empire until becoming a province during the First Mexican Empire, followed by … More

Costa Rica has beaches on both the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea. That make its an isthmus nation. Before you cruise or jet here, consider that beaches here have fewer fancy resorts that most other Caribbean and Mexico beach areas. Prepare to mingle with friendly locals and ex-pats at them … More

Costa Rica’s greatest national treasure is its plethora of natural diversity, most of it found in its national parks, biological reserves and wildlife refuges. In fact, Costa Rica boasts two distinct coastal regions, three mountain ranges, dense rainforests and … More

The Irazú Volcano is the highest active volcano in Costa Rica at 10,964 feet high. The summit of the volcano is a lunar-like landscape with craters. Irazú’s Principal Crater is over 3,500 feet in diameter and 900 feet deep … More

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English is widely spoken in San Jose, but learn a few Spanish phrases to have a better experience in rural areas. The more Spanish you speak, the better chance you have to avoid “Gringo” mark-up pricing … More


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