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The Benefits of Therapeutic Massage

Pamper your body, senses and spirit with therapeutic massage in ways only possible at Black Spas & Innkeepers. Aside from always feeling like you belong, Debrena Jackson Gandy’s Book, “Sacred Pamper Principles: An African American Woman’s Guide to Self-Care and Inner Renewal“, outlines many substantial benefits.

Muscles gain elasticity and lose tenseness. Red blood cells increase, as well as the amount of hemoglobin in the bloodstream. Blood circulation is increased by the dilation of capillaries. Lymph flow is increased. Lymph, which is a key player in the body’s immune system is the bodily fluid that transports white blood cells. Massage raises skin temperature between four and five degrees, and even higher among women. The expansion of capillaries increases the nourishment of the glands and superficial tissues, producing a visible improvement in the appearance, complexion and texture of the skin. Peripheral nerves are soothed by gentle stroking. Nerve endings actually tingle.

The relaxing, sedative effect of general massage is the result of reflex responses of the central nervous system and may even produce sleep. The toxic by-products of muscular exertion, which cause fatigue, are eliminated more quickly following massage. Urine excretion is increased by general abdominal massage. The percentage of nitrogen and sodium chloride (salt) excreted is greater after massage.

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