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Houston, set by the meandering Buffalo Bayou river, has become America’s Energy Center, Space City and the largest cultural center of the Southwest. The city has morphed into a dynamic cosmopolitan area with numerous restaurants, nightclubs, coffeehouses, shops, galleries, visitor attractions and other amenities. Even its urban parks have substantial stature and artworks. Its also nice to see the city celebrating a downtown house built by a former slave, Jack Yates.

Cultural Sites
With a larger building for the Buffalo Soldiers National Museum, the stories of 19th and early 20th Century African-American soldiers can finally be presented in all their complexity, grandeur and glory … More

Restaurants and Nightclubs
Houston has a dazzling array of Soul Food, Creole, Barbecue restaurants and choice nightclubs to dance, socialize, listen to Jazz, Blues, Hip-Hop, Soul and Pop Music. We suggest the following … More

After the Civil War, Juneteenth started in nearby Galveston, Texas on 19 June 1865. Afterwards, African-Americans from other southern cities migrated to Houston to find work as cattle hands and later, in the oil industry … More

Historic Sites
Freedmenstown is the oldest historically black district in Houston. Jack Yates House, featured in a downtown historic park, is originally from Freedmenstown … More

General Attractions
As a wealthy and large metro area, Houston has amassed a concentration of general attractions in Downtown, including favorites such as Bayou Place, Old Market Square District, but also … More

Family Attractions
Discovery Green, NASA Space Center, Children’s Museum of Houston, Houston Zoo, Houston Museum of Natural Science and Six Flags Splashtown are the headliners, with Galveston just a short drive away … More

The Arts
With so many oil millionaires in these parts, one should not be surprised to see well-endowed museums like Museum of Fine Arts, Contemporary Arts Museum The Menil Collection, Rothko Chapel … More

Dowling Street
Located in one of Houston’s historically black neighborhoods, Dowling Street is always worth a visit to connect with our heritage. It is still the hub of the Third Ward … More

Civil Rights Movement – Houston
While much of the south was in turmoil during the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s-60s, Houston headed for a more peaceful, low profile end to Jim Crow segregation … More

Places of Worship
Antioch Missionary Baptist Church, Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church, Wesley Chapel AME Church, Shrine of The Black Madonna, St. John Missionary Baptist Church and many more … More

Texas Barbecue & Soul Food
Texas Barbecue is known for its pit-cooked beef preparations, gargantuan portions that can be ordered by the pound and its tangy mesquite-flavored barbecue sauce that tickles your tongue … More

Blues & Soul Music
In the clubs, ballrooms, and barbecue joints of the Third, Fourth and Fifth Wards, Frenchtown, Sunnyside and Double Bayou, the black community ushered in a vibrant slice of the Blues that sprang up after World War II … More

Shops & Galleries
Some of our favs have changed quite a bit over the the last 5 to 8 years. Fortunately, a cherished few shops & galleries made it through the Great Recession. Lets hope they came out stronger … More

Spas & Inns
Black spas and inns in the Energy City are rebounding from the Great Recession. You’ll be pleased with the new offerings … More

Galveston Attractions
At 45 miles southeast of Houston on the Gulf of Mexico, Galveston is at once close and a world apart. Enjoy the beach, run or bike on the Historic Seawall, take carriage ride to view renovated Victorian mansions … More

Juneteenth Intertwined With Galveston History
On 19 June 1865, nearly two years and a half years after it was enacted, the Emancipation Proclamation was read in Galveston, reportedly the last place in the South to officially hear of Slavery’s end … More

Trivia, Radio Stations and Famous Residents
Population for Houston Metro Area is racing towards 7 million by next decade. It seems that America can’t get enough of the Energy City and its famous natives … More

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