Cleveland Restaurants

Cleveland Restaurants

PHOTOS: Cleveland Restaurants & Nightclubs

Cleveland Restaurants

Cleveland restaurants feature a plethora of traditional and upscale Soul Food, Caribbean, Barbecue, Seafood restaurants and coffeehouses. Compared to other cities its size, the nightclub scene could be a little better.

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Mardi Gras – Lancers
CUISINE: Creole & Steaks

CUISINE: Soul Food Fusion

CUISINE: Southern Fusion

Jezebel’s Bayou
CUISINE: Creole Soul

Take 5 Rhythm & Jazz
CUISINE: Tapas and more

Bop Stop
CUISINE: Light Fare

Empress Taytu
CUISINE: Ethiopian

Angie’s Soul Cafe
CUISINE: Soul Food

Hot Sauce Williams
CUISINE: Soul Food

Whitmores BBQ
CUISINE: Barbecue

Columbo Room
CUISINE: American

Open Pit Barbecue
CUISINE: Barbecue

Swerve Grille
CUISINE: Soul Fusion

Nile Valley
CUISINE: Muslim and African

Frederick’s Wine & Dine
CUISINE: Soul Fusion

Joe’s Home of the Blues
CUISINE: Light Fare


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