First Baptist Church, St. Louis Places of Worship

First Baptist Church, St. Louis; (c) Soul Of America

St. Louis Places of Worship

St. Louis Places of Worship include edifices that served as Underground Railroad Stations and helped newly freed people after slavery.

Central Baptist Church
DESCRIPTION: The Missouri Equal Rights League formed in 1865 at this church; original name of the church was the Second Colored Baptist Church. It was a key Underground Railroad Station which helped families just up from slavery. The church was recently and completely renovated.
ADDRESS: 2843 Washington Avenue, St. Louis, MO MAP
PHONE: 314-533-0747

Antioch Baptist Church
DESCRIPTION: Incorporated in 1884, this church in the Ville was most famous for its previous pastor James E Cook who was very active in the civil rights movement and the founding of Pine Street YMCA.
SUNDAY WORSHIP: 7:30a and 10a
ADDRESS: 4213 North Market Street West, St. Louis, MO MAP
PHONE: 314-535-1110

Cote Brilliante Presbyterian Church
DESCRIPTION: Founded 1956 in this imposing, but architecturally noteworthy edifice; young adult classes, prayer service and two choirs.
SUNDAY WORSHIP: 9:30a and 11a
ADDRESS: 4673 Labadie Avenue, St. Louis, MO MAP
PHONE: 314-381-2770

Lane Tabernacle CME Church
DESCRIPTION: Truly a church that cares with ministries for the sick and shut-in, singles, couples, feed the hungry, mentoring and Dial-A-Prayer and four choirs for every ear.
ADDRESS: 910 North Missouri Avenue, St. Louis, MO MAP
PHONE: 314-533-0534

First Baptist Church
DESCRIPTION: Founded in 1814 by Rev John Berry Meacham (1789-1854) as the First African Baptist Church in St. Louis. Later the name changed to First Baptist Church. Meacham is famous for his underground railroad school for enslaved people in the church when it was dangerous to do so. Meacham also organized a “Freedom School” on a Mississippi River steamboat.
ADDRESS: 3100 Bell Avenue, St. Louis, MO MAP
PHONE: 314-533-8003

St. Alphonsus Catholic Church
DESCRIPTION: “The Rock” is surrounded by a rock fence, the church grounds include a hall and gym; sanctuary seems rise 100 feet in this spire studded temple. There are youth, athletics, and community development ministries too.
SUNDAY WORSHIP: 8:15a & 11a
ADDRESS: 1118 North Grand Blvd, St. Louis, MO MAP
PHONE: 314-533-0304

Greater Leonard Missionary Baptist Church
DESCRIPTION: The leading Missionary Baptist congregation in St. Louis
SUNDAY WORSHIP: 10:30a and 6:30p
ADDRESS: 2501 North 11th Street, St. Louis, MO MAP
PHONE: 314-421-5288

Muhammad’s Mosque #28
DESCRIPTION: The St. Louis congregation of followers of the followers of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad under the leadership of Minister Louis Farrakhan.
ADDRESS: 1408 North Kingshighway, Lower Level, St. Louis, MO MAP
PHONE: 314-361-4555

Shiloh Temple COGIC
DESCRIPTION: Founded in 1969, by Bishop W. Wesley Sanders at a different location. The current edifice was formerly a Presbyterian church.
SUNDAY WORSHIP: 11a and 7:30p
ADDRESS: 4100 Washington Blvd, St. Louis, MO MAP
PHONE: 314-535-3111

Faith Miracle Temple
DESCRIPTION: Founded in the 1960s by Willie G. Baylor, Sr., this Church of God Apostolic has produced 3 more churches in the region on its path of growth and Christian outreach.
SUNDAY WORSHIP: 8a and 11:30a
ADDRESS: 5320 North Highway 67, Florissant, MO MAP
PHONE: 314-653-9346

Shalom Church
DESCRIPTION: Founded in 1993 by Rev. Dr. Freddy J. Clark, this progessive church and “City of Peace” is Christian by faith and Baptist by denominational affiliation.
SUNDAY WORSHIP: 7:30a, 9:30a and 11:30a
ADDRESS: 5491 North Highway 67, Florissant, MO MAP
PHONE: 314-653-2300

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