Couple on Savannah Factors Walk

Couple strolling on Savannah Factors Walk; credit Savannah CVB


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Remarkably, it was founded in 1733 as a city where slavery was forbidden. That however, only lasted until Georgia law changed in 1750 as the sinful attractiveness of slavery became irresistable to … More

Cultural Sites
Ralph Mark Gilbert Civil Rights Museum covers Savannah’s African-American heritage from the earliest years until today. Dr. Gilbert was an orator, pastor of First African Baptist Church, playwright of religious dramas … More

Savannah is a Soul Food and Barbeque town where most of the good dining is had by personal invite to people’s homes. But it also has a few Low Country and Creole restaurants … More

Shops and Galleries
A number of African arts and crafts dot the local landscape such as Safari International to name but one … More

The First Black Baptist Church
In 1773, Rev. George Liele, was permitted to hold a religious services on a church plantation. It became First African Baptist congregation, though it did not have a proper edifice. Enslaved and Free persons of color attended … More

Heritage Sites
First African Baptist Church, Second African Baptist Church, First Bryan Baptist Church, St. Phillips Monumental AME Church, Andrew Bryan Marker, Scarbrough House, Laurel Grove – South Cemetery, International F & AM Masons HQ and more … More

A Unique Landscape Design
Unlike England, where so many of its city designs evolved from cow paths, Savannah was meticulously laid out as 60 feet by 90 feet square blocks in a repeating sequence extending from the Savannah River inland. It makes liberal use of gates designed by black craftsmen too … More

Foley House Inn is an elegant European-style inn fits nicely with the character and scale of homes on Forest Gump Square with many high ceiling rooms that you imagine in a southern townhouse … More

General Attractions
In the nation’s largest Registered Urban Historic Landmark District, River Street next to the waterfront is the oldest; today it is home to restaurants, bars, gift shops, galleries and boutiques … More

Family Attractions
The small city features a Native Animal Nature Trail that winds through maritime forest, salt marsh, and freshwater wetlands. Along the way, visitors can observe native animals such as panthers, timberwolves, alligators … More

Savannah History Museum housed in the Central of Georgia Railway terminal, built in the 1850s and in use until 1972, today serves as Savannah Visitors Center … More

Trivia and Famous Residents
Savannah has a historical cast of characters that could fill a novel. Some of them, at least composites of them, has filled a Hollywood movie … More

Events held in Savannah unless stated otherwise … More   

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